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Chancellor’s Ashes at Benton

Posted by on Monday, June 17, 2013 in News.

One of the lesser known treasures of Vanderbilt’s campus can be seen when one walks down the side isle of Benton Chapel. Near the front, on the side wall to the left of the main altar, are two simple plaques that pay homage to a man and his wife who gave so much to Vanderbilt. Chancellor Harvie Branscomb, and his wife of 71 years, Margaret, have their ashes inurned (the actual term for internment of ashes) of  in the wall of the chapel that he saw opened during his tenure as Vanderbilt’s Chancellor. Simply indicating that he was Vanderbilt’s fourth chancellor, the plaque is simple, yet distinguished as the final resting place of someone who saw Vanderbilt go through the Civil Rights Movement  and see the vision of Vanderbilt change from a leading Southern University to a National Leader among all Universities.

Below his plaque is a simple quote, written in Koine Greek, that gives testament to the character and work of Chancellor Branscomb and also his theological training at the same time. The Chancellor saw Vanderbilt through the issues of integration and civil rights and worked with students, staff, faculty, and the Board of Trust to bring the best possible outcome for all.

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