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Invictus: 20 works Celebrating African Americans' Pursuit of Freedom and Will to Survive

Read ‘Invictus’ art exhibition inspired by Vanderbilt student’s African American studies


Hunted Slaves

February 2 - February 24, 2017

Weekly Gallery Hours: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from Noon to 2PM - Room G-20 (ground floor Divinity)

        and by appointment (

Opening Reception: Thursday, February 2, 2017; 3-7PM - Room G-20 (ground floor Divinity)

Closing Reception: February 22, 2017; Noon - 2PM - Black Cultural Center (Vanderbilt campus)




In The News


Images from the VDS Fall Semester's Coffee House

Religion in the Arts and Contemporary Culture | October 8, 2015

coffee house    coffee house   coffee house

coffee house   coffee house


Gallery Talk with Samuel L. Dunson, Jr. : Creating "Meet The Fergusons"


Religion in the Arts and Contemporary Culture | Sep. 23, 2015



‘Meet the Fergusons’ spotlights work of Nashville artist

Vanderbilt News | Author: Ann Marie Deer Owens | Sep. 9, 2015

meet the fergusons  meet the fergusons

meet the fergusons   meet the fergusons

meet the fergusons     meet the fergusons