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What A Pieta


Past, current, or possible future courses that are specifically directed toward the arts and could be used toward the certificate include:

DIV 2715: Beauty and Belief: Issues in Theological Aesthetics (Perkins)

DIV 2566: Songwriting from a Theological Perspective (Perkins)

DIV 2565: Writing Creatively About Religion (Judge)

DIV 3005: Popular Music and Christian Identity (McClure)

DIV 3212: Jesus in Modern America (Hudnut-Beumler)

DIV 2569: Christianity and American Music in the 20th Century (Perkins)

DIV 2505: Religious Autobiography (Judge)

DIV 4206: Creativity: A Theological Engagement (Perkins)

DIV 3530: Religion and Film (Geller)

DIV 2866: Race, Religion, and Protest Music (J. Floyd-Thomas)

DIV 2560: The Incarnational Art of Flannery O’Connor (Judge)

DIV 2568: The Bible and Music (Levine and Rose)

DIV 3540: Reel Black Faith: Race, Religion and Film (J. Floyd-Thomas)

DIV 2562: Seminar in the Writings of Albert Camus (Judge)

DIV 3428: Womanist Literature (S. Floyd-Thomas)

DIV XXXX: Sacred Song in America (Perkins)

DIV 2561: Religious Themes in William Faulkner (Judge)

DIV XXXX: Taking Theology to Film 

DIV 3958: Black Religion and Culture Studies (Anderson) (May also fulfill the Race and Ethnicity Cluster Concentration Requirement)

DIV 3531: Religious Narrative and the Self (Geller)

DIV 2559: Religious Questions in the Poetry of Emily Dickenson (Judge)

DIV 2558: Pastoral Lives: Novels and Memoirs of Ministry