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What A Pieta

What a  Pietà by Samuel L. Dunson, Jr.

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Past, current, or possible future courses that are specifically directed toward the arts and could be used toward the certificate include:


DIV XXXX Bible in Western Visual Culture (Marbury)

DIV 6767 Cultural Signification and Black Religion (J. Floyd-Thomas)

DIV 6723 Early Christian Poetry (Michelson)

DIV 6511 Genesis 1-11 (Seow)

DIV 5310 God, Faith, and Art (Caldwell)

DIV 6535 Hebrew Poetry in Translation (Seow)

DIV 7064 Humanity and Technology (Hamman)

DIV 6715 Images of Mary in Christian Thought and Practice (Budwey)

DIV 5402 The Incarnational Art of Flannery O’Connor (Judge)

DIV 6701 Introduction to Christian Worship (Budwey)

DIV 6730 Jesus in Modern America (Hudnut-Beumler)

DIV 6534 Job, Literature, Visual Arts (Seow)

DIV 6536 Judges (Seow)

DIV 7129 Moral Philosophy of Black Popular Culture (S. and J. Floyd-Thomas)

DIV XXXX Participation: Ritual Theory and Theology (Morrill)

DIV 6928 Popular Music and Christian Identity (McClure)

DIV XXXX Psalms (Seow)

DIV 6772 Race, Religion, and Protest Music (J. Floyd-Thomas)

DIV 6773 Reel Black Faith: Race, Religion and Film (J. Floyd-Thomas)

DIV 5433 Religion and Film (Geller)

DIV 5434 Religious Narrative and the Self (Geller)

DIV 5401 Religious Questions in the Poetry of Emily Dickenson and Gerard Manley Hopkins, S.J. (Judge)

DIV 5404 Religious Themes in Albert Camus (Judge)

DIV 5403 Religious Themes in William Faulkner (Judge)

DIV 5227 Social Transformation as Depicted in Children and Young Adult Literature: Refugees and Immigrants (Caldwell/Neely)

DIV 5412 Survey of Congregational Song (Budwey)

DIV 6859 Theology, Visual Culture, and Media (Armour)

DIV XXXX Voice, Imagination and Sacred Utterances (Thompson)

DIV 7133 Womanist Literature as a Resource for Ethics (S. Floyd-Thomas)

DIV XXXX Womanist Proclamation, Ritual, and the Arts (Thompson)

DIV 5410 Writing Creatively About Religion (Judge)



DIV 2715 Beauty and Belief: Issues in Theological Aesthetics (Perkins)

DIV 2568 The Bible and Music (Levine and Rose)

DIV 3958 Black Religion and Culture Studies (Anderson) 

DIV 2569 Christianity and American Music in the 20th Century (Perkins)

DIV 4206 Creativity: A Theological Engagement (Perkins)

DIV 7079 Faith, Film, and Pastoral Care (B. Miller-McLemore)

DIV 5413 Music and Spiritual Formation (Perkins)

DIV 2558 Pastoral Lives: Novels and Memoirs of Ministry

DIV 2505 Religious Autobiography (Judge)

DIV XXXX Sacred Song in America (Perkins)

DIV 256: Songwriting from a Theological Perspective (Perkins)

DIV XXXX Taking Theology to Film