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Nutrition Minute

Nutrition Minute at Vanderbilt University

Nutrition Minute is held once a week at The Rec in the main entrance and offers quick tips and free samples of nutritious food to help support healthy eating habits. Open to all!

Upcoming Events:

Entertain Guests this Holiday with Nutritious Mocktails | December 21 from 11 am - 1 pm
Serve Gingerbread Steamer, a warm and healthy mocktail, at your next celebration!

Celery - A Nutritious Culinary Staple | January 4 from 12:30 - 1:30 pm
After the holidays we often crave healthy lower calorie meals. Stop by and try this celery soup that is creamy and low calorie

Healthy Everyday Snacks | January 10 from 3 – 4PM
If you have classes and work all day, it's great to take a snack with you. We are going to show you some tasty, healthy snacks to keep you focused and energized through a busy day.

Post-Workout Fuel | January 17 from 3 – 4PM
Since it's the New Year, everyone is at the gym! Are you looking for new ideas for a post-workout snack? We have some carbohydrate and protein-packed snacks to give your body what it needs. You'll be fueled and ready for the rest of your day.