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Outdoor Recreation

Outdoor Recreation Resource Library

800+ books are available to check out in the Outdoor Recreation Center. To borrow books, a $.75 per book per week fee is required. This fee goes towards purchasing new resources for the outdoor recreation library. Use of all resources in the Outdoor Recreation Center is free to all members of the Vanderbilt Community.

No more than two books may be borrowed about the same subject or location, by one person, during one rental period. A valid Vanderbilt ID is required and payment is made at time of rental. Books must be returned in their original condition to avoid fines.


Here are our favorite resources that we use to plan our adventure trips:

Online Resources


  • Backpacking and Hiking
    HK1 Grand Canyon Trek 1 (Butchart)  
    HK2 Grand Canyon Treks 2 (Butchart)  
    HK3 Grand Canyon Treks 3 (Butchart)  
    HK4 South Carolina Trails (De Hart) 1984
    HK5 Walking Softly in the Wilderness (Hart) 1977
    HK6 Backpacking One Step At A Time (Manning) 1972
    HK7a/b Tennessee Hiking Guide (Brandt) 1988
    HK8a/b Hiking trails of Kilmer-Slickrock-Seneca Creek (Homan) 1990
    HK9 The Hiker’s Guide to Arizona (Altchison/Grubbs) 1992
    HK10a/b Guide to the Appalachian Trail (Chase) 1989
    HK11a/b The Ozark Highlands Trail Guide (Ernst) 1990
    HK12 The New Wilderness Handbook (Petzoldt) 1984
    HK13 Kentucky: Land of the Arches (Rechhoft) 1976
    HK14 Words of the Wild: Sierra Club Trailside Reader (Ronald) 1987
    HK16a/b The Hiking Trails of North Georgia (Homan) 1981
    HK17 Hiking the Grand Canyon (Annerino)  
    HK18 Appalachian Trail Guide Data Book (Chazin) 1990
    HK19 Appalachian Trail Guide TN-NC volume 9  
    HK20 Appalachian Trail Guide NC-GA volume 10 1989
    HK21a/b The South Cumberland and Fall Creek Falls (Manning/Jamieson) 1990
    HK23 The Best of the Big South Fork (Manning/Jamieson) 1990
    HK24a/b Tennessee Trails, 3rd ed. (Means) 1979
    HK25a/b Buffalo River Hiking Trails (Ernst) 1991
    HK26a/b The Appalachian Trail (Logue) 1991
    HK27 Appalachian Trail Guide to Central and Southwest (Muench) 1988
    HK28a/b Hiking the Big South Fork (Coleman/Smith) 1989
    HK29a/b Hiking the Great Smokies (Brewer) 1962
    HK30a/b The Hiker’s Guide to Alaska (Swensen) 1992
    HK31 Mountaineer: Freedom of the Hills 5th ed. (The Mountaineers) 1992
    HK32a/b Best of the Great Smoky Mountains (Manning/Jamieson) 1991
    HK33a/b Walks in the Great Smokies (Murlless/Stallings) 1979
    HK34 Grand Canyon Treks 3 (Butchart) 1984
    HK35 Grand Canyon Loop Hikes 1 (Steck) 1989
    HK36 Hiker’s Guide to the Smokies (Murlless/ Stallings)  
    HK37 Summits of the South (Boyd) 1992
    HK38 Walking the Blue Ridge (Adkins) 1991
    HK39 Wilderness Trails of Tennessee’s Cherokee National (Skelton) 1992
    HK40a/b Guide to the Surface Trails of Mammoth Cave NP (Sides) 1991
    HK41 Ouachita Trail Guide (Ernst) 1993
    HK42 The Hiker’s Guide to Georgia (Pfitzer) 1993
    HK43 Day Hiking Grand Teton National Park (Carter) 1993
    HK44 Day Hiking Yellow-Stone (Carter) 1990
    HK45 Smoky Mountain Hiking and Camping (Barnes) 1994
    HK46 Hiking Great Smoky Mountains (Albright) 1994
    HK47 Alabama Trails (Sharpe) 1993
    HK48 Trails of the Big South Fork (Manning/Jamieson) 1995
    HK49 North Carolina Hiking Trails (de Hart) 1988
    HK50 The Hiker’s Guide to Virginia (Johnson) 1992
    HK51 Wilderness Basics (Schad/Moser)  
    HK52 50 Hikes in the Mountains of North Carolina (Williams) 1995
    HK53 Yellowstone Trails: A Hiking Guide (Marschall) 1995
    HK54 Camping’s Little Book of Wisdom (Scott) 1994
    HK55 Camp the US for $5.00 or Less (Smith) 1994
    HK56 Harsh Weather Camping in the 90s (Curtis) 1993
    HK57 Sew and Repair Your Outdoor Gear (Sumner) 1988
    HK58 The Essential Guide to Hiking in the US (Cook) 1994
    HK59 Hiking Tennessee (Roark) 1996
    HK60 Waterfall Walkes and Drives in GA, AL, TN (Morrison) 1995
    HK61 Hiking Kentucky (Folzenlogen) 1995
    HK62 The Essential Guide to Hiking in the US (Cook) 1995
    HK63 The Backpacker’s Handbook (Townsend) 1997
    HK64 The Essential Outdoor Gear Manual (Getchell) 1995
    HK65 Camping Secrets (Jacobson) 1987
    HK66 Camp the US for $5.00 or Less: Western (Helen/Smith) 1993
    HK67 Hiking Montana (Schneider) 1994
    HK68 55 Ways to Wilderness in S. Central Alaska (Nienhueser/Wolfe) 1994
    HK69 Exploring the Yellowstone Backcountry (Bach) 1991
    HK70 Arizona Day Hikes (Ganci) 1995
    HK71 Hiking Tennessee Trails (Means) 1994
    HK72 Stretching and Massage for Hikers and Backpackers (Logue and Logue) 1994
    HK73 Knots for Hikers and Backpackers (Logue) 1994
    HK74 Complete Walker III (Fletcher) 1984
    HK75 The Best in Tent Camping (Molloy) 1997
    HK76 Tennessee Trails (Means) 1994
    HK77 Starr’s Guide to John Muir Trail and High Sierra (Starr) 1974
    HK78 Hiking the Bigfoot Country (Hart) 1975
    HK79 Hiking the Great Basin (Hart) 1981
    HK81 Hiking Rocky Mountain National Park 8th edition (Dannen) 1994
    HK82 Hiking Colorado (Boddie) 1991
    HK83 Hiking California (Adkinson) 1990
    HK84 Hiking Georgia (Pfitzer) 1993
    HK85 Hiking Idaho (Maughan) 1995
    HK86 Hiking North Carolina (Johnson) 1995
    HK87 Fifty Hikes in the Mountains of North Carolina (Williams) 1995
    HK88 Hiking Utah (Hall) 1991
    HK89 Hiking Wyoming (Hunger) 1998
    HK90 Day Hikes in Yellowstone National Park (Stone) 1996
    HK91 Hiking Yellowstone National Park (Schneider) 1997
    HK92 Hiking the Grand Canyon (Annerino) 1993
    HK93 Day Hiking Grand Teton National Park (Carter) 1993
    HK94 Hiking in the Grand Canyon Backcountry (Green/Olham) 1995
    HK95 Fifty Hikes in Mount Ranier National Park; 4th ed (Spring/Manning) 1999
    HK96 Backpacking in Alaska (DuFresne) 1995
    HK97 Tennessee’s South Cumberland (Manning/Jamieson) 1994
    HK98 Middle Tennessee on Foot (Brandt) 1998
    HK99 Hiking Tennessee Trails; 5th ed. (Means) 1999
    HK100 Hiking Great Smoky Mountains, 4th ed. (Albright) 1999
    HK101 The Best of the Great Smoky Mountains (Manning/Jamieson) 1991
    HK102 Day and Overnight Hikes in the Great Smokey Mts (Molloy) 1995
    HK103 The Best of the Appalachian Trail Day Hikes (Logue) 1994
    HK104 Walking the Maine Coast; 2nd ed (Gibson) 1991
    HK105 Making Camp (Howe, et al) 1997
    HK106 Simple Tent Camping (Aiken)  
    HK107 Hiking: Grand Canyon 1997
    HK108 Waterfalls of Tennessee (Plumb) 1996
    HK109 Hiking Tennessee (Poarke) 1996
    HK110 40 Hikes in Tennessee’s South Cumberland (Manning) 2000
    HK111 100 Trails of the Big South Fork (Manning) 2000
    HK112 Hiking Trails of the Smokies (Kemp) 1994
    HK113 The Best Overnight Hikes in the Great Smoky Mts (Andrews) 1999
    HK114 100 Hikes in the Great Smoky Mountains National Pa (Manning) 1999
    HK115 Hiking the Grand Canyon (Annerino) 1993
    HK116 On Foot in the Grand Canyon (Spangler) 1989
    HK117 Hiking Big Bend National Park (Parent) 1989
    HK118 Hiking and Climbing in the Great Basin National Pa (Kelsey) 1988
    HK119 100 Hikes in Oregon (Ostertag) 2000
    HK120 Hiking and Backpacking: A Complete Guide (Berger) 1995
    HK121 Advanced Backpacking: A Trailside Guide (Berger) 1998
    HK122 The National Outdoor Leadership School’s Wilderness (Harvey) 1999
  • Basic Essentials
    BE1 Basic Essentials of Backpacking (Roberts) 1989
    BE2 Basic Essentials of Camping (Jacobson) 1988
    BE3 Basic Essentials of Canoe Paddling (Roberts) 1992
    BE4 Basic Essentials of Canoe Poling (Rock) 1992
    BE5 Basic Essentials of Canoeing (Jacobson) 1988
    BE6 Basic Essentials of Cooking in the Outdoor (Jacobson) 1989
    BE7 Basic Essentials of Cross Country Skiing (Moyner) 1990
    BE8 Basic Essentials of Desert Survival (Ganci) 1991
    BE9 Basic Essentials of Edible Wild Plants and Herbs (Mevninck) 1988
    BE10 Basic Essentials of First Aid For the Outdoors (Forgey, M.D.) 1989
    BE11 Basic Essentials of Hyperthermia (Forgey, M.D.) 1991
    BE12 Basic Essentials of Kayaking-White Water (Kallner/Jackson) 1990
    BE13 Basic Essentials of Knots for the Outdoors (Jacobson) 1990
    BE14 Basic Essentials of Map and Compass (Jacobson) 1988
    BE15 Basic Essentials of Minimizing Impact – Wilderness (Hodgson)  
    BE16 Basic Essentials of Mountain Biking (Strassman) 1989
    BE17 Basic Essentials of Mountaineering (Moyner) 1991
    BE18 Basic Essentials of Photography Outdoors (Myatt) 1991
    BE19 Basic Essentials of Rafting (Ellison) 1991
    BE20 Basic Essentials of Rescue From the Backcountry (Tilton) 1990
    BE21 Basic Essentials of Rock Climbing (Strassman) 1989
    BE22 Basic Essentials of Sea Kayaking (Wyatt) 1990
    BE23 Basic Essentials of Snow Boarding (McMillen) 1991
    BE24 Basic Essentials of Solo Canoeing (Jacobson) 1991
    BE25 Basic Essentials of Survival (Curchill) 1989
    BE26 Basic Essentials of Women in the Outdoors (Niemi) 1990
    BE27 Basic Essentials of Trailside/Emergency Shelters (Jacobson) 1992
    BE28 Basic Essentials of Weather Forecasting (Hodgson) 1992
  • Canoeing and Kayaking
    CN1 Canoe Handbook, The (Ray) 1992
    CN2 Canoeing and Camping: Beyond the Basics (Jacobsen) 1992
    CN3a/b Paddlers Guide to Obed/Emory Watershed 2nd Ed (Smith) 1990
    CN4 Whitewater Handbook (Urban/Williams) 1981
    CN5 Ozark Whitewater (Kennon) 1989
    CN6 Chattooga Wild and Scenic River (Boyd) 1990
    CN7a/b Northern Georgia Canoeing (Sehlinger/Otey) 1980
    CN8 Guide to Texas River and Stream (Kirkley) 1983
    CN9 Appalachian Whitewater Vol. I: The Southern Mounta (Sehlinger/Otey) 1986
    CN11 Carolina Whitewater (Benner) 1981
    CN12a/b Whitewater Home Companion Vol.II: Southeastern Riv (Nealy) 1984
    CN13 River Rescue (Bechtel/Ray)  
    CN14 Canoeing and Kayaking to Streams of KY (Sehlinger) 1978
    CN15 Performance Kayaking (U’ren) 1990
    CN16 Kayak (Nealy) 1986
    CN17 Canoeing: A Beginner’s Guide to Kayak (Foster) 1990
    CN18 Whitewater Source Book (Penny)  
    CN19 A Canoeing/Kayaking Guide to the Streams of TN V.1 (Sehlinger/ Lance) 1979
    CN20 A Canoeing/Kayaking Guide to the Streams of TN V.2 (Sehlinger/ Lance) 1979
    CN21 Whitewater tales of Terror (Nealy) 1983
    CN22 Kayaks to Hell (Nealy) 1982
    CN23 The Outward Bound Canoeing Handbook (Landry/ McNair) 1992
    CN24a/b Whitewater Home Companion: Southeastern Rivers (Nealy) 1981
    CN25 River Guide to the Rio Grande (National Park Service) 1982
    CN26 The Whitewater Source Book 2nd Edition (Penny) 1991
    CN27 Canoeing Guide: The Buffalo National River (Ozark Society) 1991
    CN28 Appalachian Whitewater: Vol1: The� Southern Mtns (Sehlinger, Otey) 1994
    CN29 Southeastern Whitewater (Smith) 1995
    CN30a/b Canoeing in Tn (Sherwin) 1996
    CN31 Wild and Scenic Rio Grande (DeVries/ Maurer) 1994
    CN32 The Complete Wilderness Paddler (Davidson/Rugge) 1983
    CN33 Paddle to Perfection (Solomon) 1994
    CN34 Canoeing Basics (Allan) 1994
    CN35 Sea Kayaking Basics (Harrison) 1993
    CN36 Playboater’s Guide to the Ocoee River (Fischer) 1997
    CN37 Canoe Camping (Kuhne) 1997
    CN38 A Paddler’s Guide to Southern Georgia (Sehlinger and Otey) 1980
    CN39 A Second Helping: A Review of Kayak Basics–Video (Nantahala) 1987
    CN40 A Canoeing and Kayaking Guide to Fla. Vol I (Carter) 1985
    CN41 A Canoeing and Kayaking Guide to Fla. Vol. II (Glaros) 1987
    CN42 The Lower Canyons of the Rio Grande (Aulbach) 1993
    CN43 Wildwater (Tejada-Flores) 1978
    CN44 Playboating the Nantahala River (Fischer) 1998
    CN45 A Guide to the Chattooga River (Clay) 1995
    CN46 Appalachian Whitewater: The Southern States (Schlinger et al) 1998
    CN47 Canoeing: A Trailside Guide (Grant) 1997
    CN48 Kayaking, Whitewater, and Touring Basics (Krauzer) 1995
    CN49 The Complete Book of Sea Kayaking (Hutchinson) 1999
  • Caving and Spelunking
    CV1 Caves and Caving (Jacobson, Stral) 1986
    CV2 On Rope (Padgett/ Smith) 1987
    CV3 Trapped! (Murray/ Brucker) 1979
    CV4 Adventure of Caving (McClurg) 1986
    CV5 Cave Rescue (Hudson) 1981
    CV6 Caving Basics (N.S.S.) 1982
    CV7a/b Descriptions of Tn Caves (Matthews) 1971
    CV8a/b Caves of Tn (Barr, Jr.) 1961
    CV9 Cumberland Caverns (Matthews) 1989
    CV10 A Geological Guide to Mammoth Cave National Park (Palmer) 1981
    CV11 Mammoth Cave National Park– A History (Seymour) 1997
    CV12 Caves (Kramer) 1995
    CV13 Mammoth Cave: The Story Behind the Scenery (Lyons) 1993
    CV14 Mammoth Cave (Wagoner/Cutliff) 1985
    CV15 Journeys Through TAG: Convention Guidebook (Schindel) 1998
  • Cooking
    CK1 Cooking for Camp and Trail (Sierra Club) 1972
    CK2 Cooking the Dutch Oven Way, 2nd Ed. (Woodruff) 1989
    CK3 The NOLS Cooker (NOLS)  
    CK4 Camp Cooking (McMorris) 1988
    CK5 Supermarket Backpacker (Barker) 1977
    CK6 Green Pages, The (Bennett Group) 1990
    CK7 One-Burner Gourmet, The (Barker) 1981
    CK8 Wilderness Ranger Cookbook (Wilderness Rangers) 1990
    CK9a/b Moveable Feast (Gunn) 1989
    CK10 Well-Fed Backpacker, The (Fleming) 1976
    CK11 Backpack Cookery (Ruth/Dyar/Mendenhall) 1989
    CK12 Dry It — You’ll Like It! (MacManiman) 1973
    CK13 Bakepacker’s Companion, The (Spangenberg) 1992
    CK14 River Runner’s Recipes (McCairen) 1994
    CK15 Dutch Oven Cooking (Ragsdale) 1997
    CK16 How to Dry Foods (DeLong) 1992
    CK17 Nols Cookery (Pearson) 1997
    CK18 Trailside’s Trail (Viehman) 1993
  • Environment
    ENV1 Fall Color Finder (Bell/Lindsey) 1991
    ENV2 Stars and Planets (Kals) 1990
    ENV3 The Book of Forest and Thicket (Eastman) 1992
    ENV4a/b Soft Paths (Hampton/Cole) 1988
    ENV5 The Education of Little Tree (Carter) 1976
    ENV6 Peterson First Guide to Clouds and Weather (Day/Schaefer) 1991
    ENV7 Animal Tracks of Southeast States (Stall) 1989
    ENV8 Peterson Field Guides: Animal Tracks 2nd ed (Murie) 1974
    ENV9 Earth in the Balance (Gore) 1992
    ENV11 Nature Explorer, A Step by Step Guide (Huber) 1990
    ENV12 How to Shit in the Woods 1989
    ENV13 Weathering the Wilderness (Reifsnyder) 1980
    ENV14 The Klutz Book of Knots (Cassidy) 1985
    ENV15 The Stars (Rey) 1952
    ENV16 The Weather Wizards Cloud Book (Rubin/Duncan) 1989
    ENV17 Flower Finder (Watts) 1955
    ENV18 Track Finder (Miller) 1981
    ENV19 Berry Finder (Miller) 1986
    ENV20 Tree Finder (Watts) 1963
    ENV21 Winter Tree Finder (Watts) 1970
    ENV22 Fern Finder (Hallowell) 1981
    ENV23 A Roadside Guide to the Geology of the Great Smoky (Moore) 1988
    ENV24 Great Smoky Mountains Wildflowers (Cambell/Hutson/Sharp) 1962
    ENV25 Scenic Drives and Wildflower Walks In the Great Sm (Knoxville Garden Club) 1990
    ENV26 An Introduction to Grand Canyon Geology (Collier) 1980
    ENV27 A Field Guide to the Grand Canyon (Whitney) 1982
    ENV28 A Guide to Grand Canyon (Thayer) 1986
    ENV29 Grand Canyon Wildflowers (Phillips) 1979
    ENV30a Backwoods Ethics (Waterman) 1979
    ENV31 Campfire Legends (Long) 1993
    ENV32 The Book of Outdoor Knots (Owen) 1993
    ENV34a/b The Ten Essentials For Travel In the Outdoors (The Mountaineers) 1993
    ENV35a Pocket Guide to Outdoor Photography (Mather) 1993
    ENV36 Tennessee Wonders: A Pictorial Guide to the Parks (Carlton/Netherton) 1994
    ENV37 Leave No trace (LNT) Desert and Canyon Country (NOLS) 1996
    ENV38 LNT: Rock Climbing (NOLS) 1996
    ENV39 LNT: Alaskan Tundra (NOLS) 1996
    ENV40 LNT: Northeast Mountains (NOLS) 1996
    ENV41 LNT: North American Edition (NOLS) 1996
    ENV42 Citizens Protecting America’s Parks Video (Nat. Parks/Conser. Ass.)
    ENV43 Galen Rowell’s Vision: Adventure Photography (Rowell) 1993
    ENV44 Leave No Trace (Harmon) 1997
    ENV45 Ticks and What You Can do About Them (Drummond) 1990
  • First Aid
    FA1 Medicine for the Outdoors (Auerbach, M.D.) 1986
    FA2 Medicine for the Backcountry (Tilton/Hubbell) 1990
    FA3 Emergency Medical Procedure for the Outdoors (Benner/Church/Field) 1987
    FA4v Medicine for the Outdoors (Auerbach) 1990
    FA5 Outdoor Emergency Medical Guide (Manhoff) 1996
    FA6 Nols Wilderness First Aid (Schimelpfenig/Lindsey) 1991
    FA7 Mountaineering Medicine; Backcountry Medical Guide (Darill)  
  • Humor
    HU1 How to Die in the Woods (Tilton) 1995
    HU2 Mother Tongue: English and How It Got That Way (Bryson) 1990
  • Mountain Biking
    MB1 The Mountain Bike Way of Knowledge (Nealy) 1989
    MB2 Bicycling Magazine’s: Mountain Bikes  
    MB3 The Complete Mountain Biker (Coello)  
    MB4a/b Guide to Mountain Biking in Western NC (Parham) 1992
    MB5 Guide to Mountain Biking in W. NC, Vol.2: Pisgah (Parham) 1992
    MB6 Bike Rides in the South (Skinner)  
    MB7 Bicycling Middle Tennessee (Richards/Wanner) 1993
    MB8 Mountain Biking in Kentucky (Ulferts and Montana) 1995
    MB9 Road Bike the Smokies (Parham) 1997
    MB10 Mountain Biking National Parks (Clark) 1996
    MB11 Mountain Bike Maintenance (van Der Plas) 1994
    MB12 Tennessee Mountain Bike Adventure (Moore) 1997
    MB13 Off the Beaten Track (Parham) 1998
    MB14 The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Cycling (Armigo) 1999
  • People
    PPL1 Are We Having Fun Yet?: Enjoying the Outdoors (Baird) 1995
    PPL1 Are We Having Fun Yet? (family outdoor activities (Baird) 1995
    PPL2 Camping and Backpacking with Children (Boga) 1995
    PPL2 Camping and Backpacking with Children (Boga) 1995
  • Regional
    RG1 Arizona Traveler’s Handbook, 3rd Ed. (Weir) 1990
    RG2 Guide to the National Park Areas: Western States (Scott/Scott) 1978
    RG3 Back Country Companion (Nierenberg)  
    RG4 Alaska (DuFresne)  
    RG5 Mid-Atlantic TourBook (AAA) 1993
    RG6 GA, NC, SC, Tourbook (AAA) 1992
    RG7 KY, TN TourBook (AAA) 1992
    RG8 FL TourBook (AAA) 1992
    RG9 Along The Rim (Loving) 1981
    RG10 Under The Sun At Sewanee (Cameron/ McCrady) 1967
    RG11 Waterfalls of the Southern Appalachians (Boyd) 1993
    RG12 Cades Cove Auto Tour (NPS)  
    RG13 Mammoth Cave: The Story Behind The Scenery (Lyons) 1992
    RG14 A Visitor’s Guide to Mammoth Cave National Park (Oliva/Genter) 1991
    RG15 Utah State Parks (Utah Natural Resources)  
    RG16 Ozark Tales and Superstitions (Steele) 1990
    RG17 These Hills, My Home: A Buffalo River Story (Hardaway) 1991
    RG18 Ozarks Country (Deane) 1978
    RG19 Let the River Be: A History of the Buffalo River (Pitcaithley) 1987
    RG20a/b The Buffalo River Country (Smith) 1978
    RG21 Exploring Algonquin Park (Kates) 1992
    RG22 Alaska’s Parklands: The Complete Guide (Simmerman) 1991
    RG23 The Sierra Club Guides to the National Parks:Rocky (Young) 1996
    RG24 The Sierra Club Guides to the National Parks: East (Young) 1996
    RG25 Camper’s Guide to Colorado Parks, Lakes and Forest (Little) 1990
    RG26 Tennessee Off the Beaten Path (O’Brien) 1996
    RG27 Colorado BLM Wildlands (Pearson/Fielder) 1992
    RG28 Exploring the Big South Fork (Manning) 1994
    RG29 Colorado Handbook (Metzger) 1996
    RG30 Great Lakes, Great National Forests (Freedman) 1995
    RG31 Isle Royale National Park (DuFresne) 1991
    RG32 Exploring Superior Country: Great Lakes (Charles) 1992
    RG33 State Parks of the Northeast (Dehaan) 1995
    RG34 Pacific Northwest and Alaska (Sierra Club) 1996
    RG35 Florida Hiking Trails (Gildersleeve) 1991
    RG36 Florida (Grow) 1997
    RG37 The Sierra Club Guide to Florida (Perry) 1992
    RG39 Camper’s Guide to Florida (Little) 1995
    RG40 Solo Canoeing — video (Trailside Video) 1995
    RG41 US Outdoor Atlas and Recreation Guide (Jones) 1992
    RG42 Grand Canyon National Park—Video 1988
    RG43 Everglades: Exploring the Wilderness Waterway–Video  
    RG47 Maine Handbook (Brandes) 1998
    RG48 North Carolina (Bannon) 1996
    RG49 Uncle Sam’s Guide to the Great Outdoors (Sagalyn) 1998
    RG50 Woodall’s Camping Guide (Woodall’s) 1999
    RG51 Great Places to Tent; Fun Things to do (Woodall’s) 1999
    RG52 The Story Behind the Scenery (NPS) 1988
    RG53 Camper’s Guide to U.S. National Parks (Moravan) 1993
    RG54 America’s Secret Recreation Areas (Hodgson) 1995
    RG55 The Baja Adventure Book (Peterson) 1999
    RG56 The Wilderness Directory (Schneider) 1998
    RG57 Baja Camping (Jones) 2000
    RG58 Frommer’s Great Outdoor Guide to Southern Californ (Rice) 1999
    RG59 Georgia: A Guide to Backcountry Travel & Adventure (Samsel) 1999
    RG60 Traveler’s Guide to Alaskan Camping (Church) 1998
  • Rock Climbing
    RC1a/b Basic Rock climbing 1987
    RC3 Moving Over Stone II 1991
    RC4a/b How to Rock Climb (Long) 1989
    RC5 Face Climbing (Long) 1991
    RC6 A Climber’s Guide to the Mid-South (Detterline/Reed)  
    RC7 Development/ Design/ Management of Climbing Walls  
    RC8 Climbing Fit (Hurn/Ingle)  
    RC9a/b Illustrated Underground Guide to the TN Wall (Robinson) 1990
    RC10 Southern Rock (Hall) 1981
    RC11 Advanced Rock Craft (Robbins) 1985
    RC12a/b Heart of Stone: Guide to the Cumberland Plateau (Whittemore) 1990
    RC13 The Climber’s Guide to North Carolina (Kelley) 1987
    RC14 Ropes, Knots and Slings for Climbers (Wheelock) 1988
    RC15 Southern Sandstone! Guide to Chattanooga, TN (Robinson) 1985
    RC16 Climbing Anchors (Long) 1993
    RC17 Sport Climbs at Red River Gorge, KY  
    RC18 Searching for Stone: The Poorperson’s Guide to Cli (Rain Man) 1992
    RC19 The Art of Leading  
    RC20 Seneca: The Climber’s Guide (Webster) 1990
    RC21 The Climber’s Guide to Black Mountain, TN (Ritter)  
    RC22 Knots for Climbers (Luebben) 1993
    RC23 Vertical Heartland: A Rock Climber’s Guide to S. I (Ulner) 1993
    RC23 Climb 1991
    RC24 The Deep South Climber’s Companion: A Rock Climber (Robinson/Watford) 1993
    RC25 Basic Rockcraft (Robbins) 1971
    RC26a/b Advanced Rockcraft (Robbins) 1973
    RC27 How to Rock Climb! (Long) 1993
    RC28 How to Rock Climb: Climbing Anchors (Long) 1993
    RC29 How to Rock Climb Series: Flash Training (Horst) 1993
    RC30 How to Rock Climb: Big Walls (Long/Midendorf) 1994
    RC31 How to Rock Climb Series: Clip and Go (Long/Raleigh) 1994
    RC32 Colorado’s Fourteeners (Borneman/Lampert) 1994
    RC33 Sport Crags of the East (Carter) 1994
    RC34 More Climbing Anchors (Long/ Gaines) 1996
    RC35 Advanced Rock Climbing (Long and Luebben) 1997
    RC36 How to Climb 5.12 (Horst) 1997
    RC37 Sport Climbing (Long) 1997
    RC38 Knots for Climbers (Luebban) 1995
    RC39 The ‘I Hate to Train’ Performance Guide for Climbe (Prichard) 1994
    RC40 Nutrition for Climbers (Bennett) 1995
    RC41 Gym Climb (Long) 1994
    RC42 Building Your Own Indoor Climbing Wall (Thomas) 1995
    RC43 Self-Rescue (Fasulo) 1996
    RC44 Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills (Graydon and Hanson) 1997
    RC45 The Climber’s Guide to North Carolina (Kelley) 1995
    RC45 Climber’s Guide to North Carolina 3rd Addition  
    RC47 Better Bouldering (Sherman) 1997
    RC48 Toproping (Lewis) 1998
    RC49 Selected Climbs at Red River Gorge Kentucky (Jarrard/Snyder) 1997
    RC50 The Best Sport Climbs of the New River Gorge (Brock/Brian)  
    RC51 The Dixie Cragger’s Atlas (Watford) 1999
    RC52 Rock Climbing: A Trailside Guide (Mellor) 1997
    RC53 The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Rock Climbing (Jackenthal) 2000
  • Stories
    ST1 Short Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald (Fitzgerald) 1989