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 Cooking Classes

Expand your culinary skills and enjoy a meal with friends by scheduling a cooking class for your group! Healthy eating is an integral piece of physical wellness, and sharing a meal you created with others also supports your social and emotional wellness.

Registered dietitians at The Rec are available to teach cooking classes on a variety of topics, including global cuisine, how to eat balanced vegetarian diets, breakfast on the go, or energy-boosting snacks. Topics are only limited by your imagination!

Classes can take place in The Rec’s teaching kitchen, or the instructor can come to you.

Equipment and kitchen tools are supplied by The Rec, but ingredients must be purchased and supplied by the group. Planning for your topic, supplies, and ingredients is done in partnership with one of the The Rec’s registered dietitians who will walk you through the steps of this process.

To organize the details of your event, please contact: 
Marilyn C. Holmes, MS, RDN, LDN

Teaching Kitchen Collaborative

“Advancing personal and public health through culinary literacy and integrative lifestyle transformation”

 What is the Teaching Kitchen Collaborative?

“Launched in 2016 and jointly led by The Culinary Institute of America and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health – Department of Nutrition, the Teaching Kitchen Collaborative (TKC) is an invitational network of thought leading organizations using teaching kitchen facilities as catalysts of enhanced personal and public health across medical, corporate, school, and community settings.”

How is Vanderbilt involved?

Vanderbilt is a member of the Best Practice Working Group:

“This working group focuses on sharing and developing toolkits related to teaching kitchen facilities, strategies and frameworks and...a shared perspective as to what elements are—or are not—essential for the implementation of a successful teaching kitchen program across a range of trainee populations. Initial action items include characterizing types of facilities, equipment and personnel across sites, as well as operational logistics (i.e. types of classes, audiences and payment models).”


  • The Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at Vanderbilt
  • The Vanderbilt Center for Biomedical Ethics and Society and
  • The Dietetic Internship Program at Vanderbilt”
  • The Vanderbilt Recreation and Wellness Center

What does it mean?

As a new stakeholder in this collaborative network, The Vanderbilt Recreation and Wellness Center has the opportunity to exchange ideas with other teaching kitchens around the nation to best design & deliver effective cooking classes and programs for participants.

Teaching Kitchen Curriculum  

Vandy’s Healthy Teaching Kitchen is a program designed to invest in the next generation of leaders by equipping them with foundational culinary skills and evidence-based nutrition information to live healthy, balanced lives. The American culture, as a whole, has lost interest in cooking at home. Whether due to lack of time, skills, confidence, or a combination of all three, the consequences remain the same. Research has clearly linked increased frequency of cooking at home to improved diet quality. The teaching kitchen movement seeks to unite experts in the food and medical fields to bring a more holistic and practical approach toward our nation’s declining health.

Program Objectives:

  1. Equip participants with fundamental life skills in the kitchen
  2. Apply evidence-based nutrition information to real life in the kitchen
  3. Create a positive atmosphere in which cooking can be enjoyed as an opportunity rather than an obligation

Program Details:

  • Coming Soon!

Taught by:

  • Marilyn Holmes, MS, RDN, LDN
  • Stacey Kendrick, MS
  • Vanderbilt University Medical Center Dietetic Interns

Contact Marilyn Holmes to notify of any food allergies, dietary preferences, or religious restrictions that require accommodations.