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How to Sign Up for Membership Online

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Welcome to the Rec!

We are so excited you have decided to join our community of dedicated health and wellness members. We hope that when you step through our doors, you will experience first hand why over fifteen thousand members trust us with their health and wellness needs. We look forward to seeing you soon!

The Rec Member Services Staff


This lesson will provide an overview of how to start a membership through the Rec Online Member Portal


1. Vanderbilt Recreation Member Portal

 Online Member Portal Main Page


  • Navigate a browser to and click the Log In button located in the top right corner
  • If you do not have a profile, click the Sign Up button in located in the top right corner. Once you have filled in the necessary member information, be sure to check your email to activate your account.


2. Log In Screen

Log In Screen


  • For Vanderbilt University Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students, Professional Students, and Employees, please use your VUNet ID and password to log in
  • For all others (Alumni, Community [including VUMC], & family members), please use the username and password set up during the creation of your profile. For questions about your username and password, email


3. Select Memberships

Rec Member Portal


  • Select the Memberships button in the first row on the main page to get started


4. Search Memberships



  • Based on your affliation with Vanderbilt University, the memberships shown on this page are the ones you are eligible to purchase. If you believe you should be seeing a different membership, email


5. Membership Summary

Membership Summary


  • From this screen, you will choose the membership duration. The only duration we offer is monthly; to proceed, click the grey bar where you see Monthly (No End Date).


6. Membership Duration Summary

Membership Duration


  • Once the membership duration is choosen, you have the ability to change the effective start date of your membership, i.e. the membership can start on the day you start this transaction or on a date in the future. To do this, click on the calendar icon beside the effective date to select a new membership start date.
  • The price reflected below the Until Date line is the initial payment you will make during this transaction to start your membership; this price is directly impacted by your membership start date as the price prorates throughout the month. All payments after your initial transaction will automatically be deducted between the first and fifth day of each month from the major credit or debit card you put on file. For questions about membership fees or automatic credit card payments, please visit our Membership Types page.
  • After you have choosen your membership start date, please click on the Add to Cart button on the bottom right side of the page.


7. Release of Liability Waiver

Release of Liability Waiver



  • Read through the Release of Liability waiver with regards to purchasing/holding a membership at the Rec and select your answer using the buttons located at the bottom of the page. For questions about our policies, procedures, or our release of liability, email After acceptance of the waiver, you can view this document in the future from your member profile.


8. Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart


  • The shopping cart will give you a summary of your purchases. Please review this screen before clicking on the Checkout button located at the bottom right corner. If you wish to add more items, click the Continue Shopping button located beside the Checkout button. 


9. Save A New Card

Save a New Card


  • To purchase a membership for the first time, you will need to save a major credit or debit card to our system. To do so, click the gold Save A New Card button in the popup screen.
  • If you have already saved a card to our system because of a previous purchase and wish to use that card to pay for your membership, please click on the green Card Ending: XXXX button in the popup screen. If you fall into this category, please skip steps 10 through 12.


10. Freedom Pay Credit Card Payment Processing System

Freedom Pay


  • On this screen, fill out all the boxes with your credit card information. This information will be stored by our payment processor, Freedom Pay, in order for us to continue your automatic membership payments each month. After you have filled in the necessary information, click the green Submit button located in the bottom left corner. 
  • Filling out the credit card information in the Freedom Pay screen above will not charge your card. Follow the next steps to complete your membership purchase.


11. Shopping Cart

Return to Cart


  • To finish paying for your membership, click on the Shopping Cart icon located near your username in the top right corner of the screen.


12. Return to Shopping Cart

Return to Cart


  • Click the yellow Go to Cart (Total: $XX.XX) button to return to your shopping cart to finish your membership purchase transaction.


13. Finalize Your Shopping Cart & Checkout



  • Once you've navigated back to your shopping cart after saving a new major credit or debit card, click on the Checkout button located in the bottom right corner. In the popup window, you will now see the green Card Ending: XXXX button.
  • By clicking this button, your card will be charged for the membership fees shown you on the Membership Summary page based on your membership start date & your major credit or debit card will be set up for automatic payments for your membership fees on the first of every month until you decide to cancel by submitting a Membership Cancellation Request


14. Purchase Successful

 Purchase Successful


  • If you major credit or debit card is process and approve, you will see this Success! screen. An online purchase receipt will be sent to the email address in your member profile for your records. For information on how to access the Rec the first time you come in, please visit the Member ID cards page.


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