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How to Register your Child for CampVandy

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Thank you for your interest in CampVandy!    

To register for CampVandy, a parent/guardian is required to select his/her child from their profile. Step by step directions, which detail how to add a child to your profile and how to register for camp, are listed below. We look forward to seeing you this summer!

The CampVandy Staff


This lesson will provide an overview of how to register for CampVandy through the Vanderbilt Recreation Online Member Portal


1. Vanderbilt Recreation Member Portal

 Online Member Portal Main Page


  • Navigate a browser to and click the Log In button located in the top right corner
  • If you do not have a profile, click the Sign Up button in located in the top right corner. Once you have filled in the necessary member information, be sure to check your email to activate your account.


2. Log In Screen

Log In Screen


  • For Vanderbilt University Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students, Professional Students, and Employees, please use your VUNet ID and password to log in
  • For all others (Alumni, Community [including VUMC], & family members), please use the username and password set up during the creation of your profile. For questions about your username and password, email


3. Select CampVandy

Rec Member Portal


  • Select the CampVandy button in the first row on the main page to get started


4. Search Programs

Search Programs


  • Based on the current semester, our Online Member Portal will show you programs to which you are eligible to register.
  • As CampVandy happens in the Summer Semester, please ensure you click on Summer (of the current year) located in the leftside menu under the Semester section, highlighted in green. 
  • PLEASE NOTE: The Rec and CampVandy will be closed on July 4th. This week of CampVandy is a different price due to a shortened week and is listed as a separate registration. If you wish to register for our July 4th week of CampVandy, please choose this program option. 


5. Program Details

Program Details


  • From this screen, you will choose the week of camp you wish to register for by clicking on the Register button, highlighted in green located in the corresponding week in which you wish to register.
  • If you are interested in registering for multiple weeks of camp, you will need to repeat step #5 and select the Register button for each corresponding week.

** If you are seeing the words "Age Restricted" under the number of spots available, please click here to access our online screen steps for How to Add a Family Member to your Profile. **


6. Program Details - Choose a Family Member to Register (Part 1)

Add Dependent


  • As CampVandy is an age restricted program (only offered to ages 5 to 13), you will need to select or add your child to your member profile. To add a dependent to your profile, click on the Add A Dependent button in the "Which family member would you like to register?" popup window.


7. Add A Dependent

 Add A Dependent


  • Enter the information needed to complete your Family Member's profile and click the Save button. Please be as accurate as possible as you are not able to edit once you hit the Save button. If you need to make an edit, please email with the edits you need to make.


8. Program Details - Choose a Family Member to Register (Part 2)

 Family Member Added


  • As you have just added your dependent to your member profile, click the Register button to start the registration process for your child, age 5 to 13, in CampVandy.


9. Release of Liability Waiver

Release of Liability Waiver


  • Read through the Release of Liability waiver with regards to registering your child for CampVandy.


9a. Release of Liability Waiver continued ...

Release of Liability Waiver


  • Scroll to the bottom of the waiver and click the grey box located at the bottom of the form to open the signature capture popup. 


9b. Release of Liability Waiver continued ...

Release of Liability Waiver


  • Using your mouse, sign your name in the box.


9c. Release of Liability Waiver continued ...

Release of Liability Waiver


  • To confirm your submission, select the Save button located at the bottom of the popup box. 


9d. Release of Liability Waiver continued ...

Release of Liability Waiver


  • To confirm your submission, select the Sign Now button located at the bottom of the page. For questions about our policies, procedures, or our release of liability, email After acceptance of the waiver, this waiver will be emailled to you as a part of your program.


10. Add Emergency Contacts and Authorized Pickup People

 Add Emergency Contact & Authorized Pickup


  • Add all emergency contacts and authorized pickup people to your CampVandy registration.
  • We will utilize the information under the Emergency Contacts section, in case of an emergency.
  • Additionally, if someone comes to pickup your child and they are not already listed under Authorized PickUp People section, we will not release your child from CampVandy until an authorized pickup person arrives. 


11. Custom Prompt Questions

 Custom Prompts


  • Please fill in all the information for the required questions as a part of the CampVandy registration process. If you have questions about any of these prompts, please email


12. Program Add Ons

 Program Add Ons


  • At this time, this is the only time the Before Care and After Care are available for sale. If you decide you want to add these products after you register for CampVandy, you will have to complete this in person at the Welcome Desk here at the Rec. If you have questions about adding in before or after care for your child, please contact us at
  • PLEASE NOTE: Participants registering for the Swim School Transfer program should not purchase After Care because it is included in the Swim School Transfer program cost. Beginner swim lessons are available Monday through Friday at the end of the camp day, 4:30 p.m. Swim School participants will return to After Care at the completion of their lesson each day.


13. Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart


  • The shopping cart will give you a summary of your purchases. Please review this screen before clicking on the Checkout button located at the bottom right corner. If you wish to add another week of CampVandy to your order, click the Continue Shopping button located beside the Checkout button. If not, please proceed to the next step.


14. Save A New Card

Save a New Card


  • To purchase a week of CampVandy for the first time, you will need to save a major credit or debit card to our system. To do so, click the gold Save A New Card button in the popup screen.
  • If you have already saved a card to our system because of a previous purchase and wish to use that card to pay for camp registration, please click on the green Card Ending: XXXX button in the popup screen. If you fall into this category, please skip to step 16.


15. Freedom Pay Credit Card Payment Processing System

Freedom Pay


  • On this screen, fill out all the boxes with your credit card information. This information will be stored by our payment processor, Freedom Pay, in order for us to allow you easier access to aditional purchases. After you have filled in the necessary information, click the green Submit button located in the bottom left corner. 
  • Filling out the credit card information in the Freedom Pay screen above will not charge your card. Follow the next steps to complete your CampVandy program registration purchase.


16. Finalize Your Shopping Cart & Checkout



  • Once you've saved a new major credit or debit card, click on the Checkout button again located in the bottom right corner.
  • In the popup window, you will now see the green Card Ending: XXXX button. By clicking this button, your card will be charged for the registration fees shown you on the Shopping Cart page after you finish the CampVandy registration process.


17. Purchase Successful!

 Purchase Successful


  • Congratulations! You have successfully registered for CampVandy. An online purchase receipt along with your program registration and the liability waiver will be sent to the email address in your member profile for your records.
  • To add another week, the July 4th week, or Swim School transfers, please click the Star V logo located in the top left corner to return to the homepage and start the registration process over again.
  • For questions about adding family members to your account, family memberships, or edits to family member information, please contact us at
  • For questions about CampVandy, please contact us at


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