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Rec Policies

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Locker Room Policy  |  Lost & Found Policy  | Locker & Cubby Use Policy

Membership Cancellation & Refund Policy | Weather Policy


Locker Room Policy

  1. No electronic devices are to be used in the locker room at any time.
  2. Items stored in the locker room are stored at the owner’s risk. The Rec is not responsible for any damaged, stolen, or lost items.
  3. Lockers in the locker room are for day use only; overnight storage is prohibited. The Rec retains the right to remove locks and items remaining overnight on the following business day.
  4. Patrons should be mindful of dry and wet areas within the locker rooms.
  5. Locker room etiquette only permits children of the opposite gender 2 years of age and under to enter the dressing room and shower area.
  6. Minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a legal parent, legal guardian, or supervising adult to enter the locker room.
  7. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in the loss of Rec use privileges.



Lost & Found Policy

  1. The Rec is not responsible for lost, forgotten, damaged, stolen, etc. articles.
  2. All found items should be turned in to the Welcome Desk.
  3. Valuable items (i.e. wallets, purses, jewelry, technology, etc.) will be turned over to Vanderbilt University Police Department (“VUPD”) by the end of each business day.
  4. For health reasons, all perishable items (food, medication, dirty clothes, soap, etc.) will be disposed of.
  5. All other items will be discarded weekly (Monday).
  6. Items can be retrieved during business hours from the Welcome Desk by presenting their valid ID.
  7. Rec staff members are not permitted to hold equipment, valuables, or bags for patrons.
  8. Vanderbilt University Students, Recreation and Wellness Center members and guests are highly encouraged to store all personal belongings securely in lockers provided throughout the Rec.



Locker & Cubby Use Policy

  1. Lockers and Cubbies are the property of the Rec. Any items stored in Rec lockers or cubbies are stored at the owner’s risk. Vanderbilt University and the Rec do not assume responsibility for the safekeeping of the patron’s property, including any item that is lost, damaged, or stolen that was contained in lockers or cubbies, or any damage arising out of patron’s use of the lockers or cubbies.
  2. Hallway coin lockers are for single day use only. Patrons who remove the key and essentially turn the coin locker into their own personal locker may lose their membership privileges.
  3. Temporary or permanent alterations to the lockers or cubbies is not permitted.
  4. Day lockers inside the locker rooms are for single day use only. Patrons are advised to bring their own lock to safely secure their items and must remove the lock and their personal items before the end of the day.
  5. The Rec retains the right to remove locks and items within the lockers or cubbies overnight.
  6. The Rec is not responsible for replacing locks that have been cut due to a violation of this policy.
  7. The Rec is not responsible for replacing locks that were cut at the request of the owner.
  8. All removed items will be held for 20 calendar days after removal, then donated or discarded.
  9. Locker and cubby users waive any right to privacy and expressly consent to allow the Rec or the University to open and inspect the locker or cubby and its contents at any time without prior notice: in an emergency; to determine whether a safety hazard exists; to remove contents; to search for illegal items; to maintain locker or locking mechanism; to determine if any term of this agreement is being violated; or for any other purpose.
  10. Rec may open and search a patron’s locker or cubby if it is believed that the patron is not adhering to Rec and University rules, state and federal laws and regulations, and any special instructions concerning the locker or cubby, including the Locker Rental Terms of Agreement or the Locker Room Locker Use policy.



Membership Cancellation & Refund Policy

  1. A patron must cancel their membership by the 25th day of the month in order to stop incurring charges for the following month. Once the cancellation request has been submitted, the membership will continue until the end of the current month and the patron will receive an email to confirm their membership has been canceled. Membership charges may not be prorated and must be paid for the entire month. If not canceled by the period specified above, the patron will be responsible for the next month’s membership category rate’s full amount.
  2. By submitting a cancellation form, patrons acknowledge the forfeiture of any previously active services covered by their agreement with the Rec. No refunds will be provided.
  3. Membership cards issued by the Rec and all associated fees are not refundable.
  4. These Membership Cancellation and Refund policies are subject to change per Rec Administration’s directives at any time.

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Weather Policy

  1. Outdoor spaces will be closed when weather conditions are 32 degrees and below, with precipitation.
  2. The Rec's Professional Staff may close outdoor spaces at their discretion, including for inclement weather.
  3. The Rec uses a number of official services such as WeatherStem, SkyGuard, and AlertVU, in accordance with Vanderbilt University's Department of Public Safety.
  4. Please find more information regarding Aquatics policy on the Rec's Pool Safety Regulations.