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Lockers & Towels

Day Use Lockers  |  Locker Rental Service 

Day Use Lockers

  1. Lockers and Cubbies are the property of the REC. Any items stored in REC lockers or cubbies are stored at the owner's risk. Vanderbilt University and the REC do not assume responsibility for the safekeeping of the patron's property, including any item that is lost, damaged, or stolen that was contained in lockers or cubbies, or any damage arising out of patron's use of the lockers or cubbies.
  2. Hallway coin lockers are for single day use only. Patrons who remove the key and essentially turn the coin locker into their own personal locker may lose their membership privileges.
  3. Temporary or permanent alterations to the lockers or cubbies is not permitted.
  4. Day lockers inside the locker rooms are for single day use only. Patrons are advised to bring their own lock to safely secure their items and must remove the lock and their personal items before the end of the day.
  • The REC retains the right to remove locks and items within the lockers or cubbies overnight.
  • The REC is not responsible for replacing locks that have been cut due to a violation of this policy.
  • The REC is not responsible for replacing locks that were cut at the request of the owner.
  • All removed items will be held for 20 calendar days after removal. Then they will be donated or discarded.

     Equipment Rental

Price Term

     Combination Lock 

$1 Day Use Only

     PayDay Lockers in Locker Hallway

$0.25 Day Use Only


Locker Rental Service

The Rec offers large, medium, and small lockers outside of the main locker rooms in the hallway for rental use only. A Rec membership is required for the rental of any locker. Personal locks will not be allowed for use under the terms of the Locker Rental Agreement.

When renting a locker from the Rec, all users agree to the following:

Locker Rental Agreement:

  1. There will be no refunds at any time during the duration of this Agreement for unwanted or unused lockers.
  2. The renter will assume responsibility to ensure locker is kept clean, locked, and to report any damages or problems promptly to REC staff members.
  3. The renter agrees to comply with all REC and University rules, state and federal laws and regulations, and any special instructions concerning the locker. The renter will not use the locker to store any firearms, explosives, weapons, illegal drugs, paraphernalia, and contraband, or any other items dangerous to life, limb, or property, or use the locker in such a way that may create a nuisance or disturbance. Noncompliance with the Locker Rental Terms of Agreement or any of the aforementioned policies may result in termination of the renter's locker rental agreement at the REC and University's discretion.
  4. The renter must remove all contents from the locker by the end of the expiration date of the rental agreement. Thereafter, the REC may open the locker and remove the contents. Contents will be held for 20 calendar days, starting on the day after the expiration date of the rental agreement. If the items are not claimed by the end of the last of those 20 calendar days, the belongings will be disposed of or donated to charity.
  5. The REC and University do not assume responsibility for the safekeeping of the renter's property contained in the locker assigned hereunder, or for any injury or damage arising out of the renter's use of the locker assigned. The renter further agrees to defend and hold the REC and University harmless from any injury or damages to the locker's contents resulting from the renter's use of the locker or a third-party's entry into the renter's locker. Renters should not store valuable items in the locker. The renter may not share their locker with any other person, and the REC does not assume responsibility for property contained in a locker that is not rented by the property's owner.
  6. Permanent alterations to the locker are not permitted.
  7. The REC reserves the right to terminate this Agreement for its convenience at any time and/or to modify this Agreement as necessary for safety or administrative purposes.
  8. The undersigned waives any claim to the right to privacy and expressly consents to allow REC or the University to open and inspect the locker, and contents thereof at any time without prior notice: in an emergency; to determine whether a health or safety hazard exists; to remove contents; to search for illegal items; to maintain locker or locking mechanism; to determine if any term of this agreement is being violated or for any other administrative purposes.

Locker Rental Fees 


Price Per Month Towel Service
     Large Locker

$8 Yes
     Medium Locker
$7 Yes
     Small Locker

$6 No