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Please notice: the Women's Locker Room will be closed for repair on Wednesday, December 19. Patrons may use the Family Changing Rooms in its stead.

Registration & Schedule


The Rec's Intramural Sports program is an opportunity to play sports, build friendships, improve health, relieve stress, develop skills and have fun! With a variety of team sports and tournaments offered throughout the year, come out and join an IM team today! 

All Intramural sport season registrations are online.

For some team sports, practice games are scheduled by the Rec prior to the first official game of the season. These games serve as a clinic for Rec officials and supervisors. Teams interested in participating in the practice games can sign up by contacting the Intramural Sports professional staff.


Fall 2017 Intramural Schedule

 Intramural Sports Schedule - Fall 2017

*All dates and times are tentative and subject to change.  Check IMLeagues for the most up-to-date information.

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Note: For some team sports, practice games are scheduled by the Rec prior to the first official game of the season. These games serve as a clinic for Rec officials and supervisors. Teams interested in participating in the practice games can sign up through the IM professional staff.


Free Agents

Players who would like to be placed on a team should register on IM Leagues as soon as possible. The professional staff will make every attempt to place free agents on teams or form a new team, registrations permitting. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.


General Information

Waitlists | Captain Duties | Sportsmanship |

| Regular Season/ Playoffs | Forfeits | Refunds |


Teams that register for a league after it is full will be placed on the waitlist. In the event of a team's withdrawal from play or inability to fulfill their registration requirements, the first team on the waitlist will be added into the league.

Captain Duties

Each team must have a team captain. This person will serve as the primary contact for communication between the Intramural Sports staff and teams throughout the season and during game play. Captains should ensure their teammates are aware of general IM sports policies and procedures and sport specific rules, as well as their team’s schedule. If a team needs to forfeit or request a reschedule, the team captain should communicate this to the Intramural Sports professional staff as soon as possible. Captains are also responsible for setting an example for their teams by maintaining a high level of sportsmanship throughout the season.


Sportsmanship is the conduct and attitude considered becoming to participants in sports, especially fair play, courtesy, striving spirit, and graciousness in winning or losing. Sportsmanship in all intramural activities is an essential component of the Intramural Sports philosophy. Sportsmanship includes positive or negative actions or comments toward opponents/teammates. All team captains are responsible for all the actions of his/her team. Intramural sports participants shall not commit any acts of unsportsmanlike conduct.

Regular Season / Playoffs

The regular season schedule of games will consist of a round-robin format, in which a team will compete against other teams within that division during the regular season. Teams are guaranteed a minimum of five (5) regular season games for every sport. All teams who meet regular season requirements will advance to playoffs. Playoff games may be scheduled on multiple days of the week and on different days/times than that of the regular season games. Captains should check the bracket prior to the start of games to know when their team will play again if they advance to the next round. Teams will be "seeded" for tournament selection and allowed to choose their first game based upon their seed. Playoff seeds will be decided by regular season records and point differentials. Teams will be ranked according to the following statistics in order to break any ties that may exist following the regular season: winning percentage, head-to-head, and point differential. Prior to start of playoff games, each team's roster must be complete and final with all players listed. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the team's playoff games.


During all intramural sports events, onsite staff has the ability to declare a contest a forfeit. The Intramural staff will have the official time for all contest and activities. A forfeit is declared when a team fails to show for a contest or game. Forfeits are un-played games that are recorded as a loss toward the team’s overall record. If a team is deemed to have a forfeited contest, the team is removed from the league. Team that are removed from the league must pay a $10 fee to be eligible for league play again. If any team forfeits for the second time, the team must pay a $10 fee and meet with the Competitive Sports Assistant Director & Coordinators to be allowed back into the league. Teams that forfeit, pay the fee, and are allowed to rejoin the league will be allowed to compete in the postseason tournament. No refunds are issued for forfeits or team registration fees.


Vanderbilt Intramurals does not give refunds for any leagues participation in any season. If the league does not make the required registration amounts the teams will be refunded at that time. Teams who withdraw from a league within five (5) business days prior to the first game may be given credit towards another season. Teams who withdraw after the start of the season will not be given a refund.


Contact Information

Jessica Doughtie
Assistant Director, Competitive Sports and Student Programming

Javis Dennis
Activities Coordinator, Competitive Sports and Inclusive Programming

Wade Evans
Activities Coordinator, Competitive Sports and First-Year Experience

Tiffanie Morgan
Associate Director, Competitive Sports, Aquatics, Risk Management, and Youth Programming