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IMLeagues is our roster management and administrative platform for current members of the Club Sports program.

IM Leagues

How to Join IMLeagues

Coaches Agreement

All coaches are required to complete POM training and pass a background check.

Concussion/Safety Education

 Concussion resources: 
Contact the professional staff for a list of the Red Cross CPR/AED and First Aid courses available to club officers and coaches throughout the spring semester

Club Sports Application

Contact the Club Sports professional staff to obtain the link to the online application.

Drivers Module

Under course search field, type “driver orientation.” The module will be the only one displayed in the search results. 

All club members who drive for club sanctioned events and practices are required to complete the drivers module on the Learning Exchange, sign the drivers agreement form, and complete the MVR authorization form.

MVR Authorization

Important Dates

Virtual EMS

“Through Virtual EMS, clubs have the ability to check availability/view current reservations. 

  • Select “Vanderbilt Recreation & Wellness Center.”  
  • Scroll over the “Browse & Search” tab.
  • Click on “Check Availability.”  
  • Towards the bottom of the page are the spaces at the Rec, both indoors and outdoors.  The site can be used to check on existing reservations and/or availability of a space on a particular date/time for event planning purposes.