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Senior Leadership  |  Administration  
Assistant Directors | Coordinators

Senior Leadership

Kenny Moore

Kenny Moore, Director
Daily Operations, Strategic Planning, & Student Management
Office:  Rec Administration Suite, 220D

Lynn Smith

Lynn Smith, Senior Advisor & Associate Director
Capital Improvements, Events, Facilities, Member Services, & Outdoor Recreation
Office:  Rec Administration Suite, 220L

Marilyn Holmes

Marilyn Holmes, Associate Director
Wellness & Fitness
Office: Rec Administration Suite, 220B

Tiffanie Morgan

Tiffanie Morgan, Associate Director
Aquatics, Competitive Sports, Risk Management, & Youth Programming
Office: Rec Administration Suite, 220M


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Cassidy McCoy

Cassidy McCoy, Graduate Assistant
Office: Rec Administration Suite, 223

Gina Owens

Gina Owens, Administrative and Compliance Officer
Office: Rec Administration Suite, 220E

Kelley Beasley

Kelley Beasley, Administrative Assistant
Office: Rec Administration Suite, 220

Nima Rakhsha

Nima Rakhsha, Operations Coordinator & Assistant to the Director
Office:  Rec Administration Suite, 220D

Star V

Cody Rice, Financial Unit Manager
Office:  Rec Administration Suite, 220C


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Assistant Directors



Kayla Dickson

Kayla Dickson, Assistant Director
Aquatics & CampVandy
Office:  Rec Administration Suite, 220J

Linda Rosenkranz

Linda Rosenkranz, Assistant Director
Adventure Trips & Outdoor Recreation
Office Location: Rec Administration Suite, 220K

Mary Wolk

Mary Wolk, Assistant Director
Office Location:  Rec Administration Suite, 220B


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Katelyn Mabry

Katelyn Mabry, Recreation and Athletic Coordinator
Evening Operations

Lisa Smtih  

Lisa Smith, Activities Coordinator
Office Location: 220

Wade Evans

Wade Evans, Activities Coordinator
Competitive Sports & First Year Experience
Office:  223

star v

Chris Meriwether, Marketing Coordinator for Athletics and Student Recreation
Office:  Rec Administration Suite, 220


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