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Kristin Whittlesey appointed Blair School of Music’s director of external relations

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Kristin Whittlesey (left) has been appointed the Blair School of Music’s director of external relations. Before joining Blair in May, Kristin served as the assistant lifestyles editor at The Tennessean. She has a broad array of editorial experience in print and online publications, including serving as editor of The Rage, All The Rage and Metromix. She also worked as a copy editor and news and wire editor at the Nashville Banner.

Cindy Steine, who served as director of external relations at Blair for more than 10 years, left Nashville to join her husband, Raoul Russell, who is a member of the diplomatic corps at the United States Embassy in Nicosia, Cyprus. Cindy joined the Blair School in 2001 as part of the team that inaugurated the Martha Rivers Ingram Center for the Performing Arts, directing the school’s public relations, venue management and community relations initiatives.


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