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2008 Commencement Honors and Awards

Posted by on Thursday, November 20, 2008 in Articles, Fall 2008.

Dean Mark Wait awards this year’s
Dean Mark Wait awards this year’s

Founder’s Medal: Robert Patrick Tiedemann

Banner Bearer: Daniel Paul Jansen

Student Marshals: Rachel Elizabeth Mondl and Stuart Chapman Hill

AWARDS Jean Keller Heard Prize for excellence in strings: Sophia Lim Arriaga (violin), Jennifer Rachel Estrin (violin), Andrew Joseph Braddock (viola), Roberto Paolo Papi (viola), Anne Louise Suda (cello)

David Rabin Prize for excellence in musical performance: Jennifer Rachel Estrin, violin

Presser Scholarship to a junior excelling in both performance and scholarship: Kathryn Tierney Moreadith, composition/theory

Sue Brewer Award for excellence in guitar or composition/theory: Molly Anne Jewell, composition/theory

Margaret Branscomb Prize to the freshman who best exemplifies the spirit and standards of the Blair School: Madeline Sarah Myers, composition/ theory

Martin Williams Award for most outstanding paper: Lindsay Alexandra Cunningham, voice

Robin Nell Dickerson Award to an outstanding voice major, for excellence in performance and scholarship: Suranjan Matthew Sen,musical arts/voice

Delene Laubenheim McClure Memorial Prize in Opera: Preston Collier Orr, voice

L. Howard “Zeke” Nicar Award for most outstanding woodwind or brass student: Jamie Kellndorfer, flute

Blair School graduates process behind the pink banner carried by Daniel Paul Jansen.
Blair School graduates process behind the pink banner carried by Daniel Paul Jansen.

Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) Student Achievement Recognition Award: Stuart Chapman Hill, musical arts/teacher education, vocal-general

Elliott and Ailsa Newman Prize to a clarinet student for excellence in performance: Emily Morell Kubitskey, musical arts/teacher education, instrumental

Blair Composition Competition Prize:  Christopher Daniel Lyon, musical arts/teacher education, instrumental

Richard C. Cooper Award for campuswide leadership in music: Benjamin Paul May, composition/theory; and Robert Patrick Tiedemann, musical arts/ teacher education, instrumental

Confroy-Lijoi Award for excellence in jazz performance:  Kenneth Charles Hildebrandt, percussion; and  Robert Patrick Tiedemann, musical arts/teacher education, instrumental

Sigma Alpha Iota Collegiate Honor Award: Devri Ann DePriest, musical arts/teacher education, instrumental

Sigma Alpha Iota Scholastic Award: Jamie Kellndorfer, flute

Pi Kappa Lambda National Music Honor Society 
Class of 2008: Andrew Joseph Braddock, Louis Gerrod Bede, Stuart C. Hill, Daniel Paul Jansen, Rachel Elizabeth Mondl, Timothy John Strang, Robert Patrick Tiedemann
Class of 2009: Julie Christine Aiken, Kathryn Tierney Moreadith, Christine Marie Smith