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Welcome to the Department of Psychology at Vanderbilt! Our internationally renowned department houses several award-winning professors who are distinguished scholars in their respective fields and who are dedicated to providing world-class education and training to our undergraduate and graduate students. While our course curriculum encompasses all of the sub-disciplines of Psychology, the research of our faculty centers around three major areas: 

We host an undergraduate major in Psychology and a graduate program in Psychological Sciences in addition to help serving three other majors (NeuroscienceMedicine-Health-&-Society, and Peabody College's Cognitive Studies). Several of our faculty also train graduate students from the Neuroscience Graduate Program

The Department of Psychology is closely connected with the Peabody College's Department of Psychology and Human Development with which it forms the graduate program in Psychological Sciences. Our Department has also strong links with the Vanderbilt Brain Institute, the  Vanderbilt Vision Research Center  (VVRC), and the  Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for Research on Human Development.

We are proud of our distinguished alumni and generous donors supporting our mission to advance our understanding of the human mind and brain.

We are located on the Vanderbilt Campus at the  David K. Wilson Hall  

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