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Kelsey T. Laird

Graduate Student
Research Area: Clinical Science

clinical health psychology, integrative medicine, functional disorders, chronic pain

My research focuses on psychological interventions to improve physical health and adjustment in functional disorders and other chronic illness.

Representative Publications

Laird, K. T., Russell, A. C., Tanner-Smith, E. E., Hollon, S. D., & Walker, L. S. (in press). Short- and long-term efficacy of psychological therapies for irritable bowel syndrome: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology.

Laird, K. T., Sherman, A. L., Smith, C. A., & Walker, L. S. (2015). Validation of the Abdominal Pain Index using a revised scoring method. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, jsu118.

Laird, K. T., Preacher, K. J., & Walker, L. S. (2015). Attachment and adjustment in adolescents and young adults with a history of functional abdominal pain. Clinical Journal of Pain, 31, 152-158.

Ewart, C. K., Elder, G. J., Laird, K. T., Shelby, G. D., & Walker, L. S. (2014). Can agonistic striving lead to unexplained illness? Implicit goals, pain tolerance, and somatic symptoms in adolescents and adults. Health Psychology, 33, 977-85.

Wiley, J. F., Laird, K. T., Beran, T. M, McCannel, T. A., & Stanton, A. L. (2013). Quality of life and cancer-related needs in patients with choroidal melanoma. British Journal of Opthalmology, 97, 1471-1474. 

Olichney, J. M., Chan, S., Wong, L. M., Schneider, A., Seritan, A., Niese, A., Yang, J., Laird, K. T., Teichholtz, S., Khan, S., Tassone, F., & Hagerman, R. (2010). Abnormal N400 word repetition effects in Fragile X-associated Tremor/ Ataxia Syndrome. Brain, 133, 1438-50.

Bennett, H., Laird, K. T., Margolius, D., Ngo, V., Thom, D. H., & Bodenheimer, T. (2009). The effectiveness of health coaching, home blood pressure monitoring, and home-titration in controlling hypertension among low income-patients: Protocol for a randomized controlled trial. BMC Public Health, 9, 456.

Salska, I., Frederick, D. A., Pawlowski, B., Reilly, A. H., Laird, K. T., & Rudd, N. A. (2008). Conditional mate preferences: Factors influencing preferences for height. Personality and Individual Differences, 44, 203-215.

Lever, J., Frederick, D. A., Laird, K. T., & Sadeghi, L. (2007). Tall women’s satisfaction with their height: General population data challenge assumptions behind medical interventions to stunt girls’ growth. Journal of Adolescent Health, 40, 192-194.