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Denise D. Davis

Associate Professor of the Practice of Psychology
Associate Director of Clinical Training

Davis' interests are focused on the application of cognitive therapy for anxiety disorders, depression, and personality disorders in adults. Within the application of cognitive therapy, she is further interested in dimensions of the therapeutic relationship. As Associate Director of Clinical Training, Davis works with each student in practicum training, and does not accept individual students for research mentorship.

Representative Publications

  • Beck, A.T., Davis, D., & Freeman, A. (2015).  Cognitive Therapy for Personality Disorders (3rd Ed.).  New York:  Guilford.
  • Davis, D. & Younggren, J. (2009). Ethical competence in psychotherapy termination. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 40 (6), 572-578.
  • Davis, D. (2008). Terminating Therapy: A Professional Guide for Ending on a Positive Note. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.
  • Freeman, A., Felgoise, S. & Davis, D. (2008), Clinical Psychology: Integrating Science and Practice. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.
  • Davis, D., & Hollon, S. (1999). Reframing resistance and noncompliance in cognitive therapy. Journal of Psychotherapy Integration, 9, 33-55.
  • Wright, J., & Davis, D. (1994). The therapeutic relationship in cognitive-behavioral therapy: Patient perceptions and therapist responses. Cognitive and Behavioral Practice, 1, 25-45.
  • Davis, D., Shea, P., Dunlop, S., Brittain, H., & Hendrie, H. (1985). Biological stress responses in high and low trait anxious students. Biological Psychiatry, 20, 843-851.