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David Sutterer

Research Area: Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience

I am interested in understanding how the brain supports detailed visual memories. My research projects encompass the study of perception, attention, working memory, and long-term memory, with a primary focus on understanding the neural signals that support these processes. I use a variety of methods in my work including EEG, behavior, and eye tracking.

Representative Publications

Sutterer, D. W., Polyn, S., & Woodman, G. F. (2021). Alpha-band activity tracks a 2-dimensional spotlight of attention during spatial working memory maintenance. Journal of Neurophysiology, 125(3), 957–971. Publisher Website | Data and Code

Sutterer, D. W., Coia, A. J., Sun, V., Shevell, S. K., & Awh, E. (2021). Decoding chromaticity and luminance from patterns of EEG activity. Psychophysiology, 58(4), e13779. Publisher Website | Data and Code

Sutterer, D.W., Foster, J.J., Serences, J.T., Vogel, E.K., & Awh, E. (2019).  Alpha-band oscillations track the retrieval of precise spatial representations from long-term memory. Journal of Neurophysiology, 122(2) 539-551. Publisher Website | Data and Code

Sutterer*, D.W., Foster*, J.J., Adam, K.C.S., Vogel, E.K., Awh, E. (2019). Item-specific delay activity demonstrates concurrent storage of multiple active neural representations in working memory. PLOS Biology. Publisher Website | Data and Code

Foster, J.J., Sutterer, D.W., Serences, J.T., Vogel, E.K., & Awh, E.  (2017). Alpha-band oscillations enable spatially and temporally resolved tracking of covert spatial attention. Psychological Science, 28(7), 929-941. Publisher Website | Data and Code

Foster J.J., Sutterer, D.W., Serences, J.T., Vogel. E.K., & Awh, E. (2016). The topography of alpha-band activity tracks the content of spatial working memory. Journal of Neurophysiology, 115(1) 168-177. Publisher Website | Data and Code

Sutterer, D.W., & Awh, E. (2016) Retrieval practice enhances the accessibility but not the quality of memory. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 23(3): 831-841. Publisher Website | Data and Code