WAVE Subcommittee on Compensation Equity

The Compensation Equity subcommittee will examine compensation equity for tenured, tenure track, and non-tenure track faculty. It will also examine compensation equity for post-doctoral fellows, with additional attention to equity among trainees, staff, and visiting post-docs.


  • Stella Child, Postdoctoral Scholar of Biochemistry, School of Medicine, and Vanderbilt Postdoctoral Association Treasurer
  • Brent Evans, Assistant Professor of Public Policy and Higher Education
  • John McLean, Stevenson Professor of Chemistry; Faculty Senate Chair
  • Allison Schachter, Associate Professor of English and Jewish Studies (chair)


Specific Questions:

  • Is there compensation equity at Vanderbilt as defined above and along all categories?
  • What best practices can be put in place to prevent future compensation inequity?


  • Statistical analysis of existing salary data
  • Analysis of equity in sample departments with data beyond that held by the Office for Planning and Institutional Effectiveness , or PIE (formerly VIRG), including lab support, salary supplements, and other forms of research support
  • A final report that analyzes the data and makes recommendations for the future


Spring – Summer 2019

  • Design salary study

2019 – 2020

  • Study design to look beyond base salary
  • Analyze salary study findings

Fall 2021

  • Publish final findings and possible recommendations