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Women of Vanderbilt Initiative

The goal of the overall initiative is to develop progressive and innovative solutions and practices to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to succeed, no matter what gender they identify with.

Provost Susan R. Wente recently announced the planning phase for a new initiative on the status of women students, fellows and trainees at Vanderbilt. As part of the university’s continued commitment to fostering a welcoming, inclusive community, this initiative focuses on issues facing the broad array of women across the university’s Academic Affairs units.

Similar to the  Academic Strategic Plan  development process, a committee has been charged with considering thematic areas for study and action. Those may include investments in raising awareness through programming; interventional strategies to strengthen climate and culture; and changes to organizational structures that will help sustain progress. A subcommittee or working group will be assigned to each theme, reporting up to the steering committee.

Three established committees will be linked to the initiative to provide key insight. The steering committee will engage these linked committees as appropriate to ensure coordination across all. Those three “linked” committees can be found below.