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Vice Provost for Academic and Strategic Affairs

John Geer is vice provost for academic and strategic affairs at Vanderbilt University. Geer is also Gertrude Conaway John Geer headshotVanderbilt Professor of Political Science.

In his role as vice provost, Geer is responsible for developing, launching and helping to institute Vanderbilt’s academic strategic vision in alignment with the Academic Strategic Plan and assisting with fundraising initiatives to support related programs. As a member of the provost’s leadership team, he also works closely with the deans of each of the university’s colleges and schools on academic matters, including strategic faculty recruitment and retention.

He is a professor of public policy and education, and co-director of the Vanderbilt Poll.

Geer has taught political science at Vanderbilt since 1995. He earned his Ph.D. from Princeton University in 1986 and his bachelor’s degree from Franklin and Marshall College in 1980. He has published five books and more than 20 articles on presidential politics and elections, and has served as editor of The Journal of Politics (2005-2009). In 2015, the third edition of Gateways to Democracy will appear in print. An earlier book, In Defense of Negativity: Attacks Ads in Presidential Campaigns, won the Goldsmith Book prize from Harvard University in 2008. Geer has provided extensive commentary in the news media on politics, including live national interviews for FOX, CNN, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, ABC, PBS, and NPR. Geer has also written op-ed pieces for Politico, The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, USA Today and Chicago Tribune.

Geer’s teaching has earned him a number of awards at Vanderbilt, including the 2014 Vanderbilt Alumni Education Award, the 2009 Ellen Greg Ingalls Award for teaching excellence, the 2005 Jeffrey Nordhaus Award and the 2004 Birkby Prize.


John Geer

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