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Laboratory Science Immersion Subcommittee


This subcommittee will develop the basic outlines of a natural science immersion experience for Vanderbilt undergraduate students, including prerequisites to a laboratory and criteria for such an “immersion” experience.  Working with each department and drawing on best practices elsewhere, the committee will create guidelines for departmental and program “handbooks” that articulate these fundamental guidelines. Department and program heads and administration will create draft handbooks for committee review, and have final review of proposals before transmission to the office of the Provost for approval. 

Committee Members:

  • Roger Cone , Joe C. Davis Chair in Biomedical Science, School of Medicine; chair
  • David Bader , professor of medicine & cell biology, cardiovascular medicine division, School of Medicine
  • David Furbish , professor of earth and environmental sciences, College of Arts & Science
  • Vicki Greene , Stevenson Chair in Physics, College of Arts and Science
  • Doug McMahon , Stevenson Professor of Biological Sciences & Chair, College of Arts & Science
  • Jens Meiler , associate professor of chemistry, College of Arts & Science
  • Andrea Page-McCaw , associate professor of cell and developmental biology, department of cell and developmental biology; School of Medicine
  • Cynthia Paschal , associate dean, School of Engineering
  • Megan Saylor , associate professor of psychology and human development, Peabody College
  • Tom Withrow , assistant professor, mechanical engineering, School of Engineering
  • Roy Zent , vice chair of research for the department of medicine; professor of cell and developmental biology; Thomas F. Frist, Sr. Chair in Medicine; professor of cancer biology