Sports and Society Micro-Grant Program – Proposal Guidelines

Proposal Guidelines

All proposals must be submitted online using InfoReady Review, Vanderbilt's online submission portal.

  • Project title (less than 9 words)
  • Summary - brief review of proposed project for use in promotional materials (50 words max)
  • Detailed proposal (750 words max)
    • Discuss the overarching theme, research question, area of scholarship or creative expression to be addressed
    • Summarize how this will advance current projects or courses, launch new ones or build upon our current archives
    • Address the impact on the field, community, faculty involved and/or university
    • Review how funds will be used
  • Measures of success (250 words max)
    • Discuss goals, expected impact and/or related deliverables
  • Disclosure of current internal resources for all VU faculty involved
  • Budget
    • Provide line items of estimated expenses, total not to exceed $5,000 (exceptions will be considered based on funds available)