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Sports and Society Micro-Grant Program – Previous Awardees

Previous Awardees

Elizabeth Essin, Associate Professor of Theatre

“Women and Athletic Success within a University Culture: Dramatizing the 2018 National Championship Women’s Bowling Team”

  • The play developed using Professor Essin’s award is being performed at StageOne in Louisville, Kentucky and will be performed by the Vanderbilt Theatre Department in Fall 2019.

Alice Randall, Writer in Residence in African American and Diaspora Studies

“Sport and Black Metropolis”

  • Funding supported a course guest lecture from Terrance Dean and the acquisition of course materials.

Rosevelt Noble, Senior Lecturer in Sociology

“Race, Sports, and Reconciliation at Vanderbilt”

  • Funding enabled engagement with former black student-athletes and a discussion was hosted based on their experience and how the university can better facilitate a positive relationship.

Brandon Byrd, Assistant Professor of History

“Sylvio Cator: Haiti’s Olympian”

  • Support allowed a graduate student to complete archival research in Haiti.
  • Professor Byrd is planning to present the research findings at a meeting in the fall and will relay the findings in a journal article.

Celso Castilho, Assistant Professor of History

“Soccer, Latinxs, and the Politics of Belonging in the Americas”

  • Two scholars were brought to campus in Spring 2019 to present to students, faculty and staff on their research related to sports and civil rights.
  • Professor Castilho launched a new research project using these funds and completed preliminary archival research.

John Koch, Senior Lecturer of Communication Studies

“Sports and Political Agency in the 21st Century”

  • Funding supported the development of a new course in the Department of Communications.
  • Two outside researchers were brought to campus for guest lectures and also met with graduate students and faculty.

Gabriel Torres Colón, Senior Lecturer in American Studies

“The Political Economy of Hope: B Side Boxers in the United States”

  • Professor Torres Colón completed field research in September including interviewing 14 in-person interviews.
  • Funds were used to pay a student worker assisting with data analysis of B-sided boxer’s records.