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Funding Uses & Award Amount

Fund Uses

  • Collaboration and Collaboration Planning  – Support groups of faculty beginning or testing a collaboration for a shared interest; funding for opportunities to meet with collaborators, presenting work, trainings etc.
  • New Projects –  Support for new, creative and innovative projects, may include performances, master classes, conferences, workshops, seminars, visit from outsiders.
  • Arts and Humanities Outreach – Support for public ventures, covering costs for travel, lodging, promotion and materials.

Award Amount (up to $5,000)

  • Requests in excess of $5,000 will be considered based on need and available funds; modest proposals are encouraged to ensure the greatest number of projects are able to be supported.
  • Requests for funding will be accepted on a rolling basis and reviewed monthly by a Provost-appointed faculty committee.

Note: Projects with longer planning horizons and larger budget needs should be submitted to Trans-Institutional Programs, Research Scholar Grants or Discovery Grants. A full list of funding programs can be found here.