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Trans-Institutional Programs

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TIPs 2017 TIPs Awards Announced

Trans-Institutional Programs (TIPs) are pilot funds for trans-institutional efforts that are, or may lead to, emerging programs, centers and institutes. Awards are also made to reinvest in existing trans-institutional centers and institutes. TIPs support such entities that collectively aim to answer big questions and address grand challenges. They seed and expand research and teaching collaborations across disciplines, solve critical problems, embrace discovery and spark learning to position Vanderbilt as a world leader in a given area. This program is open to all VU and VUMC-employed faculty. Summary Document

  Vanderbilt Initiative Awards (ViA)

Vanderbilt University

  • Small-scale or new initiatives that showcase potential to become a major hub of activity - center or institute - that will advance the core missions of Vanderbilt
  • Provide seed funding up to $100,000 per year.
  • Provide faculty the opportunity to pursue innovative ideas for discovery and learning with colleagues from diverse disciplines.
  • Must include collaborators from multiple schools and colleges.* 
  • For more information on Vanderbilt Initiative Awards, please click HERE.

Vanderbilt Reinvestment Awards (VRA)

  • Awarded to existing centers and institutes that facilitate learning collaborations across campus.
  • Assist collaborations taking a critical next step in order to ensure continued success.
  • Funding varies on a case-by-case basis.
  • Must secure partnerships with respective deans as part of the full-proposal submission process.
  • For more information on Vanderbilt Reinvestment Awards, please click HERE.

Eligibility and Process Requirements

Eligibility Requirements

  • All full-time faculty are eligible. Tenure-track and non-tenure track faculty must obtain approval from their dean. The lead organizer must also demonstrate a past commitment to advancing collaborative endeavors.
  • Other participants in the proposal must be full-time faculty devoted to discovery and learning.
  • Proposals must involve faculty from at least two Vanderbilt schools and colleges. * Exceptions can be made if an intra-college proposal demonstrates a truly interdisciplinary approach.
  • Proposals that advance research in areas related to race, diversity and inclusivity are welcome.  
  • For a full list of eligibility and process requirements, please click HERE.
  • To learn more about TIPs, or to ask a specific question about the program, please contact

Key Dates

  • Proposal window opens: September 2017 (tentative)
  • Pre-proposals due: October 2017 (tentative)
  • Full proposals due: December 2017 (tentative)
  • Award announcements: May 2018
  • Funds available: July 1, 2018