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Sample of Previously Awarded Projects

Research Scholar Grants

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Below you will find a selection of previously awarded Research Scholar Grants. The sampling showcases the range of projects that have won funding in the past.

Prof. Bil Jackson Recording of Kevin Puts's Clarinet Concerto

Faculty Development Grant 
PI: Prof. Bil Jackson, Blair School of Music

Clarinet Concerto

Prof. Bil Jackson's recording of Kevin Puts's Clarinet Concerto will be an internationally significant music event, comparable to the publication of a landmark book. The definitive recording of this new musical work will enjoy a long life in libraries, public collections and the marketplace. Positive outcomes from this Research Scholar Grant project will continue for years to come.




Agricultural Terraces and Power at the Ancient Maya Capital of Tamarindito, Guatemala

Faculty Development Grant 
PI: Prof. Markus Eberl, Arts & Sciences (Anthropology)

Maya ruins

During this project, Prof. Markus Eberl studied economic wealth and sociopolitical power codevelop over time at the ancient Maya capital of Tamarindito. Ancient Maya subsistence rested on maize, beans, and squash that were raised in a mixture of extensive and intensive techniques. Focusing on terraces, Prof. Eberl initiated an archaeological project at the site in 2009 with a systematic survey, partial mapping and test pit excavations in four field seasons. Maize was the major food source for Classic Maya and he used carbon isotope analysis to test whether the terraces were used for ancient maize agriculture.

The Cassandra Project 

Faculty Development Grant 
PI: Prof. Michael Aurbach, Arts & Sciences (Fine Arts)

The Cassandra
With his Research Scholar Grant, Prof. Michael Aurbach continued his idea of stretching his work through variations on a theme. Introducing Cassandra to The Secrecy Series has the potential of offering an affirming human spirit. Given Cassandra's place in Greek mythology, her presence would amplify the notions of evil and arrogance while offering a sense of the heroic. Her presence has forced Aurbach to reexamine the ways in which he contextualizes things.