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2018 Research Scholar Grants Projects

The 19 projects that won funding from the Research Scholar Grants program in 2018 are listed below. 

Research Scholar Fellowship

  • Troubled Teens: Psychiatry and the Shaping of Adolescence in the Wake of Brazil's New Democracy - Dominique Behague (Psychology)
  • Lucretian Poetics Book Project Completion and Second Book Research - Jessie Hock (English)
  • Islam through American Eyes: Examining How Postwar Anthropologists Created Knowledge of Islamic Communities through the Case of Clifford Geertz (1926-2006) - Laura Stark (Medicine, Health & Society)
  • Reflections on Ancient Greek Mirrors: An Object-Biographical Approach - Mireille Lee (History of Art)
  • Stagecraft / Art History Archive: Memory and Photographic Obsolescence - Vesna Pavlovic (Art)
  • Marriage Markets and the Assimilation of Immigrants in the Early 20th Century - Frederico Gutierrez (Economics)
  • Atlantic Transformations: The Many Lives of Captain Francisco Menendez and his 'Subjects' - Jane Landers (History)
  • LGBT Rights, Organizing and Health in Criminalized Contexts - Tara McKay (Medicine, Health & Society)
  • The Making of Kings: African Sovereignty in the British Atlantic World - Catherine Molineux (History) 

Faculty Development Grant

  • Invention and Imagination: Broadening Skills for the Classical Musician - Jared Hauser (Woodwinds)
  • Ryan Middagh Jazz Orchestra, Recording of New Works - Ryan Middagh (Composition/Theory) 


  • Parthenon^2: Digital Approaches to Architectural Archaeology - Betsey Robinson (History of Art)
  • Reactive Lipids in Biology and Disease: The 10th Biennial Meeting of the International 4-Hydroxynonenal (HNE) Club - Sean Davies (Pharmacology)
  • From MLK to BLM: A Half Century of Struggle - Phillis Sheppard (Divinity School)

Summer Stipend  

  • Black Moneylenders in the Antebellum U.S. South - Kimberly Welch (History)
  • Burn Pit Exposure, Diagnostic Dilemmas and Toxic War - Ken MacLeish (Medicine, Health & Society)
  • Challenging the Racist Right - Sophie Bjork-James (Anthropology)
  • German Idealism and the Future of Political Theology: Kant to Marx - Alex Dubilet (English)