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2015 Research Scholar Grants Projects

The 23 projects that won funding from the Research Scholar Grants program in 2015 are listed below. 

  • Baroque to Modern, Applying Historically Informed Performance Practice to the Modern Oboe - Jared Hauser (Blair School of Music)
  • Granada's Lead Books and their Intellectual Impact: Pedro DE Castro and his Network of Moorish, Mestizo and Old Christian Scholars - Jose Cardenas Bunsen (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Senior Academics Forum on Traditional Chinese Architectural History: Academic Workshop and Exhibition of Architectural Photography - Tracy Miller (History of Art)
  • Climate, Land and Sea: Fourteen Millennia of Human History and the North Coast of Peru - Tom Dillehay (Anthropology)
  • Cinema and the Inhospitable World: A Monograph on Film Theory, Cinema Production and Environmental Criticism - Jennifer Fay (Cinema & Media Arts)
  • The Florentine Conspiracy (1360-61) - Elsa Filosa (French & Italian)
  • Lost Voices from the U.S. Civil Rights Movement: The Women of Selma - Edward Friedman (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Critical Participatory Action Research - Lisa Guenther (Philosophy)
  • Screen Printing: Framing and Supply Costs - Mark Hosford (Art)
  • Mapping the Stars: Celebrity and the Politics of Identity - Claire Sisco King (Communication Studies)
  • Research on Ancient Greek Bronze Mirrors at Isthmia and Athens, Greece - Mireille Lee (History of Art)
  • "What We Have Here" a Novel about a Metal Refinisher who Accompanies his Ex-wife and her Children on a Journey along El Camino Real through the California Mission Valley - Lorraine Lopez (English)
  • Beyond Sects and Founders: A New Ground-Level Approach to Buddhism - Bryan Lowe (Religious Studies)
  • Project I. Cultivating Democratic Citizenship: Evidence from Teach for All. Project II. Human Trafficking Vulnerability: An Experimental Intervention Using Mass Media to Change Norms and Behaviors in Nepal - Cecilia Mo (Political Science)
  • Lost Art: Obsolescence of Photographic Slides: Project Research and Development - Vesna Pavlovic (Art)
  • (Book Project) Orientations, Opportunities and Outcomes of Religion Entrepreneurship - Richard Pitt (Sociology)
  • Divine Prospects: Mounts Helicon and Parnassus in Ancient Experience and Imagination (research, writing and completion of scholarly monograph) - Betsey Ann Robinson (History of Art)
  • Alternative Qi: Science and Spirit in the Making of Global Chinese Medicine - Ruth Rogaski (History)
  • Business and Religion in 18th Century Gujarat - Samira Sheikh (History)
  • Subventions for two publication projects: 1) Houses of Ill Repute: Houses, Brothels and Taverns in the Greek War; 2) Morgantina Studies, Vol. 7, Houses and Households - Barbara Tsakigis (Classical & Mediterranean Studies)
  • The Cambridge Kant Lexicon - Julian Wuerth (Philosophy)
  • Liberation as Communion: Reformation Theologies in Historical Context - Paul Lim (Divinity School)
  • Convergence: U.S. Education Policy 50 Years after ESEA and HEA of 1965 - Christopher Loss (Peabody College)