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2012 Research Scholar Grants Projects

The 27 projects that won funding from the Research Scholar Grants program in 2012 are listed below. 

  • The Cassandra Project - Michael Aurbach (Art)
  • The Prime Minister's Perspective on Brazilian Abolition: Joao Alfredo Correia and the Links to Pernambuco - Celso Castilho (History)
  • Aim High: The Life of Shirley Chisholm - Anastasia Curwood (African American & Diaspora Studies)
  • Theorizing Prisons from the Inside Out  - Lisa Guenther (Philosophy)
  • Large Format Screenprinting at Vanderbilt - Mark Hosford (Art)
  • An Analysis of the Ancient Inscriptions at Johns Hopkins University and the National Museum of Rome - Michael Johnson (Classical Studies)
  • Effects of Low Vitamin C Levels on the Sensory Nerves, the Memory and the Temperament of Scorbutic Victims, and how these account for Disturbances of Mood in Maritime History and Literature - Jonathan Lamb (English)
  • Revolutionary Horizons - Paul Miller (French & Italian)
  • Archival Research for Black Kinship in the Atlantic World: Encountering African Sovereignty around the Slave Trade - Catherine Molineux (History)
  • Governing Risk: Politics and Economy in Early Modern British Political Thought - Emily Nacol (Political Science)
  • Voices from Panama: History and Heritage from the City to the Canal Zone and Beyond, and Writing to Remember Ourselves: Intergenerational Perspectives on West Indian Heritage in Panama - Ifeoma Nwankwo (English)
  • Photographic Installation: Light-box and Acrylic Dome as a Display Technique - Vesna Pavlovic (Art)
  • African Migrations, African Returns: The Making of Modern Diasporas - Jemima Pierre (African American & Diaspora Studies)
  • Discoveries of the Americas Portal: Project Development - Lynn Ramey (French & Italian)
  • Sephardim in Merchant Empires: Evidence from the Portuguese Factory in Antwerp - Claudia Rei (Economics)
  • Gender, Secularism and Jewish Modernity: Jewish Women's First-Person Narratives of Secular Modernity - Allison Schachter (Jewish Studies)
  • Aesthetic Networks: Victorian New Media and the Idea of Art - Rachel Tuekolsky (English)
  • Guillotine: Medicine and Terror in the French Revolution - Holly Tucker (French & Italian)
  • 18th-Century Wax Anatomy - Holly Tucker (French & Italian)
  • Archaeological Survey of ... - Steve Wernke (Anthropology)
  • Development of Hip Hop Medical Intervention in Local South African Health Clinics - Greg Barz (Blair School of Music)
  • New Horizons for the Oboe: Commission and Recording of New Works by Libby Larson - Jared Hauser (Blair School of Music)
  • Silenced Author: The Writings of the Cuban Slave Poet Juan Francisco Manzano - William Luis (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Economies of Conversion: Vaishnavism and Religious Change in Early Modern Gujarat, Western India, 1650-1800 - Samira Sheikh (History)
  • The Caliphate's Burden: Hausa-Fulani Sub-Colonialism and Middle Belt Consciousness in Nigeria - Moses Ochonu (History)
  • Artist in Residency at the School of Visual and Performing Arts, Tasmania Australia - Amelia Winger-Bearskin (Art)
  • Blinding Landscapes - Mel Ziegler (Art)