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2008 Research Scholar Grants Projects

The 16 projects that won funding from the Research Scholar Grants program in 2008 are listed below. 

  • Realities and Representations: The 2008 U.S. Presidential Campaign - Bonnie Dow (Communication Studies)
  • Zellig Harris's America: Linguistics, Zionism and Radical Politics - Bob Barsky (French & Italian)
  • Large Format Screenprinting at the Frans Masereel Centrum, Belgiium - Mark Hosford (Art)
  • A Linguistic Study of the Toponymy of Northern Catalonia (Roussillon): Joan Coromines' Fieldbook XXV (1959-1960) of the Onomasticon Cataloniae - Philip Rasico (Spanish & Portuguese)
  • Antique Highway - Michael Aurbach (Art)
  • Poetry and Apocalypse: Theological Disclosures of Poetic Language - William Franke (French & Italian)
  • The Birth of the Middle Class and the Rise of the Painted Panel in Early Modern Flanders - Jay Bloom (History of Art)
  • Publication of a Collection of Articles: Aspects of Ancient Greek Cult: Context-Ritual-Iconography - Bronwen Wickkiser (Classical Studies)
  • The Function of Tholoi at Delphi, Olympia, and Epidauros -  Bronwen Wickkiser (Classical Studies)
  • Musical Remigration: Schoenberg's "A Survivor from Warsaw" in Postwar Europe - Joy Calico (Blair School of Music)
  • Islamic Republicanism in the English Imagination, 1660-1830 - Humberto Garcia (English)
  • The Troublesome Verse: The Gospel of John in 17th Century English Religious Culture from Anthony Wotton to John Locke - Paul Lim (Divinity School)
  • Animal Pedagogy: The Role of Animals in the Philosophy of "Man" - Kelly Oliver (Philosophy)
  • Singularity and Feminist Philosophy - Lisa Guenther (Philosophy)
  • Beyond our Beginnings: An Anthology of Essay and Memoir by Women Writers from Lower and Working Class Backgrounds - Lorraine Lopez (English)
  • God's Other Life: A Study in the Doctrine of The Trinity, with Special Reference to Schleiermacher - Paul DeHart (Divinity School)