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2007 Research Scholar Grants Projects

The 14 projects that won funding from the Research Scholar Grants program in 2007 are listed below. 

  • Time After Time - David Wood (Philosophy)
  • Max Dellbury Centenary Celebration - John Wikswo (Physics & Astronomy)
  • Symposium Marking the 20th Anniversary of the Founding of the RPWC for the Humanities - Helmut Smith (History)
  • Archival Research in Four Presidential Libraries to Support Music and the Modern American Presidency - Melanie Lowe (Blair School of Music)
  • Music and the Performance of Manhood: Adult-Male Circumcision Rituals and HIV/AIDS in Uganda and South Africa - Greg Barz (Blair School of Music)
  • Getting Back on Track: Complete Work-in-Progress, Exhibitory Support and Documentation of Work - Michael Aurbach (Art)
  • The Ghetto Tax: The Redistribution of Wealth in Modern Society, 1974-2000 - Devin Fergus (History)
  • Understanding Latin America's Subnational Transitions, 1980-2005 - Jonathan Hiskey (Political Science)
  • In Search of a New Identity: The Russian Intelligentsia and America in Post-Totalitarian Russia - Konstantin Kustanovich (German)
  • Q'Eqchi' and Linguistic Diversity in Mayan: A Story on the Rise of New Dialects - Sergio Romero (Anthropology)
  • The Paris of Bricktop's: African American Women in the City of Light - Tracy Sharpley-Whiting (African American & Diaspora Studies)
  • The Role of Scandal in Constructing Diva Personas: The Women of Salome (1905) and Elektra (1909)  - Joy Calico (Blair School of Music)
  • Images of Women, Female Deities and the Buddhist Book-Cult - Jinah Kim (Art)
  • Use of Reason, Revelation and Tradition in Anti-Trinitarian Debates of the 17th Century England - Paul Lim (Divinity School)