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2015 Discovery Grants Projects

The 12 projects that won funding from the Discovery Grants program in 2015 are listed below. 

  •  Purchase of a Picarro 2201-I Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy Analyzer and Concentrations and Carbon Isotope Compositions of Co2 and CH4 Gases - John Ayers (Earth & Environmental Sciences)
  • Impact of Sensory Eye Dominance on Binocular Vision - Randolph Blake (Psychology)
  • Acquisition of a DISCO DAD 3220 Compact Dicing Saw for VINSE - Anita Disney (Psychology)
  • Coordination of RNA and DNA Synthesis Activities in Polymerase a-primase - Brandt Eichman (Biological Sciences)
  • Digital Humanities and the History of Slavery: A Workshop to Enhance Research, Collaboration and Graduate Training  - Jane Landers (History)
  • Singing Away the Voices and the Blues: Neuroanatomically Motivated Intervention for Auditory Hallucinations and Distress - Sohee Park (Psychology)
  • Turning Genes On and Off in the Ancient Past: An Epigenetic Study of the Ancient World - Tiffany Tung (Anthropology)
  • Improving Spatial and Analytical Capabilities for Archaeological Research through Robotic Survey, Differential Satellite Positioning and Portable X-Ray Fluorescence (PXRF) Instrumentation - Steven Wernke (Anthropology)
  • Plasmonic Enhancement of Organic/Inorganic Heterojunction Solar Cells - Rizia Bardhan (Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering)
  • Antifouling Coatings for Implantable Artificial Kidneys - Paul Laibinis Spiller (Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering)
  • Rapid Hypothesis Testing on Traditional and Nontraditional Data Sources for Clinical Decision Support  - Jules White (Electrical Engineering & Computer Science)
  • Development of Multifunctional Nanoparticle Vaccines that Harness Cytosolic Immune Surveillance Machinery - John T. Wilson (Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering)