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2012 Discovery Grants Projects

The 20 projects that won funding from the Discovery Grants program in 2012 are listed below. 

  • Soldiers who want to be Monarchs: The Role of Plant Chemistry in Social Evolution - Patrick Abbot (Biological Sciences)
  • Optical Detection of Hybridization for Rapid Diagnostics - Darryl Bornhop (Chemistry)
  • The Influence of GABAB Receptor Subunits on the Brain's Response to Nicotine  - Josh Gamse and James Patton (Biological Sciences)
  • Clarifying the Effects of Climate Change on Australian Marsupials - Larisa Grawe DeSantis (Earth & Environmental Sciences)
  • The Longevity and Evolution of Giant Magma Bodies: A Textural Study of Supereruption Deposits in the Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand  - Guilherme Gualda (Earth & Environmental Sciences)
  • Optogenetic and Phamacological Investigations of Epithelial Wound Detection - Shane Hutson (Physics & Astronomy)
  • Dynamic Allostery in the Cyclooxygenase Enzymes - Terry Lybrand (Chemistry)
  • Microanatomy of Cortical Resting State Functional Connectivity - Alexander Maier (Psychology)
  • Using an Integrative Model of Human Memory to Understand Schizophrenia - Sean Polyn (Psychology)
  • Molecular Effects of Maternal Immune Activation: The Story of Placental, Glial and Neuronal Interactions - John Wikswo (Physics & Astronomy)
  • SAUVe - Semi-autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Imaging System for Archaeological Mapping - Julie Adams (Electrical Engineering & Computer Science)
  • Stimulation of Retinal Diseases in an Immersive Virtual Environment - Bob Bodenheimer (Electrical Engineering & Computer Science)
  • Impact of Cochlear Implant Electrode Position on Audiological Outcome - Benoit Dawant (Electrical Engineering & Computer Science)
  • Selective Thermal Ablation of Colorectal Tumor Cells by Multifunctional Polymeric Thin Films - Todd Giorgio (Biomedical Engineering)
  • Boron Carbide Nanowires: Structure and Transport Property Relations - Deyu Li (Mechanical Engineering)
  • OCT-Assisted Robotic Micro-Vascular Retinal Surgery - Nabil Simaan (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Intravital Optical Imaging of Vascular Recovery in Hind Limb Ischemia - Melissa Skala (Biomedical Engineering)
  • Defeating Colorectal Cancer by a Novel Robotic Approach to Screening - Prieto Valdastri (Mechanical Engineering)
  • 2D Optoelectronic Graphene Nanoprobes for Neural Network - Yaqiong Xu (Electrical Engineering & Computer Science)
  • A Pilot Project Exploring Interactions of Core Cognitive Systems During Natural Event Perception - Daniel Levin (Psychology & Human Development)