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2009 Discovery Grants Projects

The 12 projects that won funding from the Discovery Grants program in 2009 are listed below. 

  • Self and Object Tracking - Adriane Seiffert (Psychology)
  • Novel Pollution Monitoring System - Xenofon Koutsoukos (Electrical Engineering & Computer Science)
  • Investigation of the Relationship between Bone Biomechanics and Cortical Bone Water NMR Properties  - Mark Does (Biomedical Engineering)
  • Fluid-Powered Locomotion, Sensing and Intervention in the GI Tract - Robert Webster (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Comprehensive Analysis of Tumor Metabolism using Stable Isotope Tracers and Quantitative Flux Determination  - Jamey Young (Chemical Engineering)
  • Using Microfluidic Chips to Image Spine and Synapse Formation in Real Time in Hippocampal Neurons - Donna Webb (Biological Sciences)
  • Kicking Black Holes in Globular Clusters  - Kelly Holley-Bockelmann (Physics)
  • Cyber Physical Systems Solutions to Overcoming Vehicular Traffic Congestion  - Mark McDonald (Civil Engineering)
  • Statistics of Large-Scale Structure - Andreas Berlind (Physics)
  • Role of S. cerevisiae Dpb11 in the Initiation of DNA Replication - Daniel Kaplan (Biological Sciences)
  • Hypersomnia/Substances Abuse and Circadian Clock Genes - Carl Johnson (Biological Sciences)
  • Strategic Development of REDDnet for Data-Intensive International Collaborations in Astronomy, Physics and Genomics Research - Keivan Stassun (Physics)