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2007 Discovery Grants Projects

The 12 projects that won funding from the Discovery Grants program in 2007 are listed below. 

  • Long-Term Human, Climatic and Environmental Interaction at Huaca Prieta, Peru - Tom Dillehay (Anthropology)
  • Building Preparative Chiral Chromatography Infrastructure at Vanderbilt - Gary Sulikowski (Chemistry)
  • Measuring Emotional Reactivity and Regulation using Psychophysical Measures for Children who Do and Do Not Stutter - Tedra Walden (Psychology & Human Development)
  • Spatial Analysis Research Lab (SARL): An Advanced Geographical Information System and Remote Sensing Facility - Steven Wernke (Anthropology)
  • Motion Analysis to Assess Surgical Treatment of Movement Disorders  - Bob Bodenheimer (Electrical Engineering & Computer Science)
  • Direct DNA  Attachment and Antifouling Coatings for Porous Silicon Sensors - Sharon Weiss (Electrical Engineering & Computer Science)
  • Development of a Unique Technique to Measure Thermoelectric Properties of Individual Boron and Boride Nanowires  - Deyu Li (Mechanical Engineering)
  • The Neural Basis of Assessing Deserved Punishment  - Owen Jones (Law School)
  • Structure/Function Analysis of the Est3 Protein of Yeast Telomerass - Kathy Friedman (Biological Sciences)
  • Early Human-Environment Interactions in the Maya Lowlands: Archaeological and Paleo-Environmental Data from Cival and Holmul, Guatemala - Francisco Estrada-Belli (Anthropology)
  • Magic-Sized Nanocrystals as White-Light Nanophosphors - Sandy Rosenthal (Chemistry)
  • Role of Cullin 7 in the Regulation of Cell Proliferation - Ellen Fanning (Biological Sciences)