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2003 Discovery Grants Projects

The 18 projects that won funding from the Discovery Grants program in 2003 are listed below. 

  • Mapping Human Chromosomal Origins of DNA Replication Near Unstable Trinucleotide Repeats Associated with Progressive Neurological Disease - Ellen Fanning (Biological Sciences)
  • Quantitative Network-Based Models for Integrating Transportation Security in Planning and Design Practices - Karthik Srinivasan (Civil & Environmental Engineering)
  • Mixing Viscous Fluids with Topological Chaos - Mark Stremler (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Study of Auditory Perception in Human Infants using fMRI - Susan Hespos (Psychology & Human Development)
  • Neural Correlates of Working Memory Deficit in Schizophrenia - Irene Park (Psychology & Human Development)
  • Stephanomeria, a New Model System for Studying the Genetics of Speciation - John Burke (Biological Sciences)
  • Chemically Functionalized Adsorbent Materials for Air Purification - M. Douglas LeVan (Chemistry)
  • Circadian Rhythms in Olfaction - Terry Page (Biological Sciences)
  • Project BASE: Behavior and Academic Support - Kathleen Lane (Special Education)
  • Fuel Core Powered Stirling Engine/Alternator for Small-Scale Electric Power Generation - Eric Barth (Mechanical Engineering )
  • Synthesis and Characterization of Arsenian Pyrite: Preparation for Oxidation Rate Studies - Kaye Savage (Geology)
  • Nanocrystal Diagnostics for Infectious Diseases - David Wright (Chemistry)
  • Behavioral Pharmacology of Mice Lacking the tailless Gene - Craig Kennedy (Special Education)
  • Reducing Workflow Infrastructural Barriers to Early Cancer Clinical Trials - David Dilts (Electrical Engineering & Computer Science)
  • Developing a Clinical Decision Support System for Child and Adolescent Mental Health - Leonard Bickman (Psychology & Human Development)
  • Emotional Arousal, Regulation and Childhood Stuttering - Tedra Walden (Psychology & Human Development)
  • Ion-Track Thermal Coupling - D. Greg Walker (Mechanical Engineering)
  • RNA Interference: Understanding Mechanism and Optimizing for Practical Applications - Todd Giorgio (Biomedical Engineering)