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University Faculty Funding Programs

The university's internal faculty funding programs are some of the primary vehicles for Vanderbilt to invest in its faculty, fostering developments in discovery and learning that promote collaboration and advance disciplinary excellence. Summary Document | VU BreakThru (Blog)


Trans-Institutional Programs are pilot funds for trans-institutional efforts that are, or may lead to, emerging programs, centers and institutes. Awards are also made to reinvest in existing trans-institutional centers and institutes. TIPs support such entities that collectively aim to answer big questions and address grand challenges. They seed and expand research and teaching collaborations across disciplines, solve critical problems, embrace discovery and spark learning to position Vanderbilt as a world leader in a given area. This program is open to all VU and VUMC-employed faculty.

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University Courses

University Courses promote new and creative trans-institutional learning, a key component of the Academic Strategic Plan. A natural offshoot of Trans-Institutional Programs (TIPs), these courses leverage the natural synergies across Vanderbilt’s schools and colleges, providing faculty the opportunity to reach beyond departmental boundaries to deliver innovative classes on significant subjects. This program is open to both VU and VUMC-employed faculty for courses teaching students in schools and colleges reporting to the Provost. 

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The Discovery Grant Program is one of the primary ways Vanderbilt invests in advancing core disciplines, thereby strengthening the scholarly profile of the university. The program is designed to serve as a catalyst to significant external funding sources, supporting new ideas, cutting-edge research and the development of infrastructure. The Discovery Grant Program provides a springboard to make possible external grants that will be more attractive to large federal funding agencies such as the NSF, NIH, DoD, etc. This program is open to VU-employed faculty in all schools and colleges. 

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The Research Scholar Grant Program provides funding for innovative scholarship and creative expression projects that are unlikely to have extramural funding options available. These awards support humanistic research and efforts that result in the creation of artistic or humanist bodies of work. This program is open to VU-employed faculty in all schools and colleges.

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Photo credit bottom right: 
Vesna Pavlović
Fototeka (Projection Still III), 2015
From “Fabrics of Socialism” series
Archival pigment print
16 x 24 inch