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Chancellor’s Public Voices Fellowship

The Chancellor’s Public Voices Fellowship is a semester-long program designed to expand Vanderbilt’s global reach by amplifying the impact of faculty academic research.

The fellows will work with the Division of Communications to develop a highly tailored communications and promotion plan that builds recognition for their scholarship and public profile, and connects their work to new audiences.


John Capra 
Associate Professor of Biological Sciences

Capra, associate professor of biological sciences, will focus on his research on what human genomes can tell us about our past and our health. In particular, he will work to communicate the challenges and the potential of using genomic information to diagnose patients. Capra, who has secondary appointments in biomedical informatics and computer science, uses the tools of computer science and statistics to address problems in genetics, evolution and biomedicine.


Lisa Fazio
Assistant Professor of Psychology

Fazio, assistant professor of psychology and human development, will work to increase public attention for her research on how people learn false information from the world around them. A leading expert on the on the effects of misinformation on belief, she studies how people learn new information—both true and false—and how to correct errors in people’s knowledge. Fazio’s research informs basic theories about learning and memory, while also having clear applications for practitioners, such as journalists and teachers.


Rena Robinson  
Associate Professor of Chemistry

Robinson, associate professor of chemistry, will work to build public awareness for her body of work related to racial and ethnic disparities in Alzheimer’s disease. An analytical chemist, she studies the science behind Alzheimer’s through the large-scale study of proteins. The disease disproportionately affects African Americans and Hispanics, likely contributed by socioeconomics, genetics and overlapping health conditions—such as hypertension.




Hiba Baroud
Hiba Baroud
Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Hiba Baroud, the Littlejohn Dean’s Faculty Fellow, will focus on “Measuring Impact and Building Resilience in Infrastructures and Communities.” Her areas of study include critical infrastructure systems modeling, risk analysis, statistical modeling, risk-informed decision analysis and resilience monitoring.

Jeffrey Bennett
Jeffrey Bennett

Associate Professor of Communication Studies

Jeffrey Bennett will work to increase public attention for “Managing Diabetes: The Cultural Politics of Disease.” He specializes in critical studies of health and medicine, citizenship, LGBT/queer studies, cultural studies, and rhetorical theory and criticism. Bennett, who began teaching in the College of Arts and Science in 2016, has been honored for his outstanding contributions to LGBT scholarship in communication studies.

Suzana Herculano-Houzel
Suzana Herculano-Houzel
Associate Professor of Psychology and Biological Sciences

Suzana Herculano-Houzel will explore best promotional practices for “The Secret to a Long Life Is in the Brain: A New Framework for Understanding How Long We Take to Develop and Age.” She pioneered the method for rapidly and accurately measuring the number of neurons in brains and was a 2018 TEDxNashville speaker.