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Humanities at VanderbiltVanderbilt’s liberal arts curriculum and deep roots in the humanities advantageously position us to contemplate the world’s most complex challenges and offer grand solutions. Vanderbilt’s past and future rest on our incredible strength in the humanities and our nuanced understanding of their potential for lifting up and bettering the human experience.


Chancellor's Humanities Committee

Humanities at Vanderbilt

To help determine how Vanderbilt can strategically build on its reputation of a research powerhouse embedded in an arts and humanities environment, a Humanities Committee was appointed during the 2016-17 academic year, After an in-depth study of the university’s many current endeavors and an examination of the strengths of the best national models, the committee has produced a report exemplified by its bold recommendations and inspiring vision of the elevated role that humanistic inquiry can play in advancing our scholarship, research and the service we render to humankind.