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Election Details

Click here for the latest update on the union election results.

The NLRB will mail a ballot to your home address May 15 and must receive your completed ballot prior to the vote count, which will occur on June 6 at 2 p.m. 

Votes may also be cast in person at the NLRB Office at 810 Broadway, Suite 302, in Nashville Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. prior to 2 p.m. June 6.

The election will be determined by a majority of those who cast a ballot. This means that if there is low turnout, the future for all faculty in the bargaining units could be determined by a small number of faculty.  Therefore, it is essential that each faculty member who is able to vote does so. Do not let others determine your future.


MAY 15, 2017 

NLRB mails election ballots. 

Call the NLRB Region 10 Office at 404-331-2896 or contact NLRB Field Examiner Jill Adkins at 629-800-6272 or to request a duplicate ballot if you do not receive a ballot in the mail or if you need your ballot sent to an alternate address if you are out of town. 


By 2 p.m., completed ballots must be received by the NLRB. If your ballot is not received by then, your vote will not count. 


The NLRB counts the votes in the Region 10 Nashville resident office and announces the vote tally. Vanderbilt and SEIU may send representatives to observe the ballot counting, and either party may contest certain ballots. 


Your voting kit will contain: 

  • One yellow, postage-paid envelope pre-printed with a return address to the NLRB 
  • One blue envelope marked “OFFICIAL SECRET BALLOT” 
  • A voting ballot 
  • Written instructions 


The question on the secret ballot is: 

Do you wish to be represented for purposes of collective bargaining by SEIU Local 205? 

Your two choices will be: 

YES, You want to have the SEIU as your exclusive bargaining representative.


NO, You do not want the SEIU as your exclusive bargaining representative.

Mark your choice with “X” and then place the ballot into the blue “OFFICIAL SECRET BALLOT” envelope. 

Then, put the blue envelope into the yellow return envelope addressed to the NLRB. 

Sign the outside of the yellow envelope and mail it from a U.S. Post Office or mailbox. You must sign the outside of the yellow envelope. Any ballot received in an envelope that is not signed will be void. Do not put your signature anywhere other than on the outside of the yellow envelope, and do not show your ballot to anyone after you have marked it. 

A secret ballot election means that no one will know how you voted unless you tell them. No matter what you have signed in the past, you are free to vote for, or against, the Union. 


To be elected, the SEIU must obtain a simple majority of votes cast —not a majority of the total number of eligible voters. You must vote to ensure that a minority of eligible voters does not determine the future of the majority.


Download the Election Fact Sheet