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Harvie Branscomb Distinguished Professor Award

The Harvie Branscomb Distinguished Professor Award is made to a full-time, regular faculty member without restriction as to age, rank, or school, for distinguished accomplishment in furthering the aims of Vanderbilt University.

In defining the character of the award the original committee stated: The purpose of the award should be to recognize, and thereby to encourage in others, that combination of talents and achievements which we identify as desirable in the University faculty member: creative scholarship, including accomplishment in the creative arts and artistic performance; stimulating and inspiring teaching which results in learning of a high order; and service to students, colleagues, the University at large, and society at large. The award should be made for the total contribution and not solely for notable accomplishment in any single or narrow aspect of University endeavor. Neither shall long service nor promise of future accomplishment be a prime factor in the selection.

The award was established in 1963 to honor retiring Chancellor Harvie Branscomb. It is endowed with funds contributed by members of the faculty. The winner receives a cash award of $2,500, an engraved silver tray, and official designation as Harvie Branscomb Distinguished Professor for one academic year. Announcement is made at the Spring Faculty Assembly.

Members of the Faculty are invited to submit nominations to the Faculty Senate. The Faculty Senate Consultative Committee reviews the nominations and makes recommendations to the Provost. Final selection is made by the Chancellor in consultation with the Provost.

Previous Winners

  • 1964 Amos Christie (Pediatrics)
  • 1965 Willard B. Jewell (Geology)
  • 1966 Avery Leisersen (Political Science)
  • 1967 Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen (Economics)
  • 1968 Charles R. Park (Physiology)
  • 1969 James P. Hyatt (Divinity)
  • 1970 Charles F. Delzell (History)
  • 1971 Dewey Grantham, Jr. (History)
  • 1972 Elliott V. Newman (Medicine)
  • 1973 William H. Nicholls (Economics)
  • 1974 Bjarni Jonsson (Mathematics)
  • 1975 D. Stanley Tarbell (Chemistry)
  • 1976 John W. Wade (Law)
  • 1977 Walter Harrelson (Divinity)
  • 1978 Sidney Colowick (Microbiology)
  • 1979 Grant W. Liddle (Medicine)
  • 1980 Rendigs Fels (Political Science)
  • 1981 Douglas E. Leach (History)
  • 1982 Oscar Touster (Molecular Biology)
  • 1983 Joseph H. Hamilton (Physics and Astronomy)
  • 1984 Mildred T. Stahlman (Pediatrics)
  • 1985 Hans H. Strupp (Psychology)
  • 1986 William C. Havard, Jr. (Political Science)
  • 1987 Alfred A. Baumeister (Psychology)
  • 1988 Leon W. Cunningham (Biochemistry)
  • 1989 Sallie McFague (Divinity)
  • 1990 David T. Karzon (Pediatrics)
  • 1991 Laurence Lerner (English)
  • 1992 Carolyn M. Evertson (Teaching and Learning)
  • 1993 Frank Chytil (Biochemistry)
  • 1994 Frank Parker (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
  • 1995 Melvin D. Joesten (Chemistry)
  • 1996 Robert D. Collins (Pathology)
  • 1997 Paul K. Conkin (History)
  • 1998 John Oates (Medicine)
  • 1999 Travis I. Thompson (Psychology)
  • 2000 Lawrence J. Marnett (Biochemistry)
  • 2001 Ann P. Kaiser (Special Education)
  • 2002 Thomas R. Harris (Biomedical Engineering)
  • 2003 John A. Phillips III (Pediatrics)
  • 2004 Robert S. Dittus (Medicine)
  • 2005 Harold L. Moses (Medicine)
  • 2006 Elaine Sanders-Bush (Pharmacology)
  • 2007 Cecelia Tichi (English)
  • 2008 Daniel B. Cornfield (Sociology)
  • 2009 Ronald D. Schrimpf (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)
  • 2010 William Schaffner (Medicine)
  • 2011 David Jon Furbish (Earth and Environmental Sciences)
  • 2012 Suzanna Sherry (Law)
  • 2013 Donna Ford (Special Education)
  • 2014 Jay Clayton (English)
  • 2015 Keivan G. Stassun (Physics and Astronomy)
  • 2016 Lorraine M. Lopez (English)