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Technology Review Standing Committee

This Committee reviews and monitors the activities of the Center for Technology Transfer and Commercialization for matters relating to the administration of the University Policy on Technology and Literary and Artistic Works, in accordance with the provisions for the administration of that policy.  The committee is chaired by a faculty member, and the majority of the members are faculty members without administrative appointments. The committee is consulted in advance concerning any material changes to the policy.

The committee serves as an appellate body advisory to the Chancellor (or the Chancellor’s designee) in the event a disagreement occurs between inventors or creators, or between inventors or creators, and the University, concerning the interpretation or application of the University’s policy and advisory to the Chancellor and the CEO of VUMC (or their respective designees) on disputes involving apportionment of ownership interests or relative shares of net income between the University and VUMC.  In cases in which the committee is unable to resolve the disagreement between the parties, the committee will forward its recommendation for a resolution to the Chancellor (or the Chancellor’s designee) for a final decision, or as applicable, to the persons responsible for the dispute resolution process between the University and VUMC.

Reports to: The Provost

2018-2019 Committee Members

Administrative/Ex Officio Members (these members have voting rights)

  • Kenneth Holroyd, assistant vice chancellor for research, medical director, Vanderbilt University Medical Center;
  • Ruby Shellaway (Ruza), deputy general counsel, Office of General Counsel;                                                                  
  • Janiece Harrison, director, sponsored programs administration;
  • Trey Beasley, assistant vice chancellor for treasury, University Treasury;
  • Alan Bentley, assistant vice chancellor for research and graduate education, Office of the Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Education;

Faculty Members

    • Jens Meiler, College of Arts and Science; chair;
    • Rick Abramson, School of Medicine, Clinical;
    • Aaron Bowman, School of Medicine, Clinical;
    • David Cole, Peabody College;
    • Shane Hutson, College of Arts and Science;
    • Michael Miga, School of Engineering;
    • Reed Omary, School of Medicine, Clinical;
    • Steve Posavac, Owen School of Management;
    • Kyla Terhune, School of Medicine, Clinical; and
    • Jason Valentine, School of Engineering.