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Faculty Athletics Committee


  • Provide periodic advice and counsel to university leaders on issues related to college athletics
  • Assist with designing and refining policies at the intersection of academic and athletic concerns
  • Assist with establishment of policies and guidelines to facilitate student-athlete recruitment and integration into the university community
  • Monitor and review trends in student-athlete academic issues (i.e., majors, course clustering, graduation rates, retention, faculty advisors)
  • Assess services linked to academic issues that are provided to student-athletes (i.e. tutoring program, mental health and wellness)

2019-2020 Committee Members

Ann Price (chair), faculty athletics representative, assistant professor of medical education and administration and associate dean for alumni affairs in the School of Medicine

Holly Algood, associate professor of medicine, vice chair of the Faculty Senate

Juan Floyd-Thomas, associate professor of African American religious history

Karl Hackenbrack, associate dean and associate professor of management; chair of the Faculty Senate Task Force on University Athletics

Richard Milner, Cornelius Vanderbilt Chair in Education

Mark Schoenfield, professor of English

Julianne Vernon, assistant dean for academic programs and research assistant professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering

Jeremy Wilson, associate professor of trombone and chair of the Brass Department

Malcolm Turner, vice chancellor for athletics and university affairs and athletics director, ex officio