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Shared Governance Committee


To understand Vanderbilt’s current governance processes at the school/college and University levels for facilitating and incorporating faculty dialogue. 


Shared Governance Committee Co-chairs:

Richard Willis, Anne Marie and Thomas B. Walker Jr. Professor, Accounting;

Holly McCammon, Professor, Sociology.


Terrah Foster Akard, Associate Professor, Nursing;

Jeffrey Johnston, Stevenson Professor, Chemistry;

Anne Kenworthy, Professor, Molecular Physiology and Biophysics;

Chris Lind, Professor, Medicine;

David Merryman, Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering;

Erin Perez, Lecturer, Music;

Phillis Sheppard, Associate Professor, Religion, Psychology and Culture;

Marybeth Shinn, Professor, Human, Organizational and Community Development; and

Yesha Yadav, Professor, Law.