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Discovery Grant Application Review Committee, Cycle 2019

  • Padma Raghavan (chair), Vice Provost for Research, Professor of Computer Science and Computer Engineering
  • Hiba Baroud, Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Corey Brady, Assistant Professor of Learning Sciences
  • Ken Catania, Stevenson Chair in Biological Sciences
  • William Doyle, Associate Professor of Higher Education
  • Katherine Friedman, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences
  • Isabel Gauthier, David K. Wilson Chair of Psychology
  • Ellen Goldring, Patricia and Rodes Hart Chair
  • Jason Grissom, Associate Professor of Public Policy & Education
  • Suzana Herculano Houzel, Associate Professor of Psychology
  • George Hornberger, Craig E. Philip Chair in Engineering
  • Noam Lupu, Associate Professor of Political Science
  • Jessica Oster, Assistant Professor of Earth & Environmental Sciences
  • Ben Spiller, Associate Professor of Pharmacology
  • Frank Tong, Professor of Psychology
  • David Weaver, Associate Professor of Pharmacology
  • Bob Webster, Professor of Mechanical Engineering
  • Chris Wright, Louise B. McGavock Chair
  • Karl Zelik, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering