Provost Task Force on Sexual Assault (2015-16)

This is an advisory Task Force; its primary tasks this year is to take the Campus Climate survey from last year and make recommendations on how the Provost should proceed.  The PTFSA is made of a mix of administrators and staff with functional connection to the topic and of faculty from a number of schools and departments who can be a conduit into the experiences and knowledge of campus practices on the ground.  It is, in other words, a discussion-based committee more than a homework-based one, and met last year twice each semester.


  • Laura Carpenter, associate professor, sociology department, College of Arts & Science; chair;
  • Mark Bandas, associate provost and dean of students, Office of the Dean of Students;
  • G.L. Black, associate dean, Office of the Dean of Students;
  • John Braxton, professor of leadership, policy and organizations, emeritus, Peabody College;
  • Kelly Christie, assistant dean, academic programs and student life, Owen Graduate School of Management;
  • Beth Conklin, chair of anthropology, associate professor of anthropology, College of Arts & Science;
  • Cynthia Cyrus, vice provost for learning and residential affairs, professor of musicology, affiliated with faculty in women's and gender studies, Office of the Provost;
  • Chalene Helmuth, senior lecturer in Spanish and Portuguese, College of Arts & Science;
  • Anita Jenious, director, equal opportunity, affirmative action, and disability services (EAD);
  • Rolanda Johnson, associate dean for academics, associate professor, School of Nursing;
  • Maury Nation, associate professor of human and organizational development, Peabody College;
  • Kenneth Pence, associate professor of the practice, engineering management, electrical engineering and computer science, School of Engineering;
  • Florence Sanchez, associate chair, civil and environmental engineering, associate professor, civil and environmental engineering, School of Engineering;
  • Michael Slayton, assistant professor of composition and theory, Blair School of Music;
  • Claire Smrekar, associate professor of public policy and education, Peabody College;
  • Trudy Stringer , associate director of field education, assistant professor of the practice of ministry, Divinity School;
  • Cara Tuttle-Bell , director, Project Safe Center, Office of the Dean of Students; and
  • Sheree Wright, senior associate general counsel, Office of General Counsel.