Provost Task Force on Sexual Assault (2009-10)

The Provost's Task Force on Sexual Assault for Vanderbilt University was created in November of 2009 and charged with oversight of all campus offices and programs that are involved in sexual assault from the perspectives of education, prevention, and treatment. The Task Force convenes at least once a semester to receive reports from the First Responders' Work Group and serve in an advisory capacity to the Provost. It is the Task Force's primary goal to ensure that relevant campus offices and programs are working effectively and cooperatively to promote a safe and secure campus environment for all students, faculty and staff.


  • Elizabeth Keeley Bowman, instructor, School of Nursing;
  • Beth Conklin, chair of anthropology, associate professor of anthropology, College of Arts & Science;
  • Richard McCarty, professor of psychology, College of Arts & Science; ex officio;
  • Maury Nation, associate professor of human and organizational development, Peabody College;
  • Rosevelt Noble, director, Bishop Joseph Johnson Black Cultural Center;
  • Paddy Peerman, assistant dean, assistant professor, School of Nursing;
  • Kenneth Pence, associate professor of the practice, engineering management, electrical engineering and computer science, School of Engineering;
  • Charlotte Pierce-Baker, professor of women's and gender studies, emerita, College of Arts & Science;
  • Yolanda Redero, assistant clinical professor, Law School; chair;
  • Florence Sanchez, associate chair, civil and environmental engineering, associate professor, civil and environmental engineering, School of Engineering;
  • Sandra Stahl, senior lecturer, women's and gender studies, College of Arts & Science;
  • Claire Smrekar, associate professor of public policy and education, Peabody College;
  • Trudy Stringer, associate director of field education, assistant professor of the practice of ministry, Divinity School;
  • Joseph Wehby, chair, special education, associate professor, special education, Peabody College; and
  • Sheree Wright, senior associate general counsel, Office of General Counsel.