Copyright Committee


The Copyright Committee is charged with recommending policies and best practices for copyright management and compliance at Vanderbilt University. In particular, this body 1) advises campus partners on the administration of copyright licensing and management of copyright policy concerns that impact institutional activities; 2) monitors the implementation of guidelines and policies pertaining to the ownership and use of intellectual property, including the a) Copyright Policy for Course Management Systems, b) provisions of the Teach Act of 2002, and c) notice and takedown procedures of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act; and 3) provides timely feedback to the university's Office of Federal Relations in response to proposed legislative changes to the federal Copyright Act.


  • Hilary Craiglow, director, Walker Management Library, Jean and Alexander Heard Libraries, chair
  • Terri Allison, director, Doctor of Nursing Practice Program, School of Nursing
  • Clifford Anderson, associate university librarian for research and learning, Jean and Alexander Heard Libraries
  • Derek Bruff, director, Center for Teaching; principal senior lecturer, department of mathematics, College of Arts and Science
  • Stephanie Budwey, Luce Dean's faculty fellow assistant professor of the history and practice of Christian worship and the arts, Divinity School
  • Cynthia Cyrus, vice provost for learning and residential affairs, professor of musicology, affiliated faculty in women's and gender studies, Office of the Provost; ex officio
  • Joseph Fishman , assistant professor of law, Law School
  • James Floyd, senior associate general counsel, Office of the General Counsel
  • Jen Gunderman, assistant professor of musicology, Blair School of Music
  • Peter Lorge, associate professor, department of history, College of Arts and Science
  • Larry Reeves, associate dean, director, Alyne Queener Massey Law Library; associate professor of law, Law School
  • John Sloop, associate provost for digital learning, Office of the Provost; professor, department of communication studies, College of Arts and Science
  • Craig Smith, associate dean for undergraduate studies; acting associate dean for graduate education; associate professor of psychology and human development, Peabody College
  • Jim Toplon, manager, Interlibrary Loan, Jean and Alexander Heard Libraries


Copyright Policy for Course Management Systems